Gardening News.

Mr FD and I have been busy this morning – and we are feeling very satisfied! Despite the grey, overcast weather, we set to in the courtyard and on the balcony.

Mr FD  planted two courgette plants, some carrot seeds and bean seeds to go in the courtyard. He tidied things up too, so hopefully we’ll have some veggies this year. We’ve put them in the courtyard so George can’t eat the seedlings – last year I planted beans and got a grand total of two bean pods because George either ate the seedlings or the burgeoning pods. And that was despite me putting netting around! The problem in the courtyard is slugs and snails however – there are many of those and we don’t really want to put down pellets. Just gently discourage them from eating our plants!!



Courgette plants in the long planter, beans in the blue planter, carrots in the black box. The rose is doing quite well – a gift from Mij and Bill for our 25th Wedding Anniversary- and the lavender too.


I can’t remember what we planted in the washing up bowl last year – some kind of summer bulb – but it seems to be doing well. The garden chair that it’s on is broken, which is why the plants are on it. I’ve bought a couple of plant holders that might work on it too.

 I was happy to see that the lily-of-the-valley has taken. This is the one plant that’s blooming, but further into the shade there’s lots more plants that are growing. I’m really pleased and hope that they’ll spread.

There are some other seedlings growing from some seeds for shady areas (also good for birds) which I sowed about a week ago.

The Bleeding Heart is strutting its stuff as well.

You can see it at the right hand side of the first photo. It blooms until about June, when the buddleia which shares its space starts to take over.  I sowed a lot of seeds for shady (and dry) areas here too. It’s not good soil, so I don’t know if they’ll take (or survive the slugs!) but we’ll see.

While Mr FD was working in the courtyard I was on the balcony. A couple of weeks ago it looked very sad and unloved:



I’d just bought the plants that are hanging up in plastic bags  – it’s not a new type of hanging basket! They are hanging up to stop George from snaffling them!

But now…

lots of plants are planted, some seeds have been sown (and netting put over to protect them from George the plant eater!) and you can see the new litter tray at the end too. It has been used quite a lot by all the cats, which is good.


The best thing is…


… we have a strawberry crop!! These are in the hanging baskets that you can see to the left. Again, protection from George!! There’s another plant which has been netted over as well, but I’m not sure you can see it, in the trough above the litter tray


3 thoughts on “Gardening News.

  1. The balcony looks great as does the courtyard! Well done! I had to repot my courgette babies from one pot to 4 yesterday as they were getting too big – I was so scared to damage their roots or do it wrong. Fingers cross they will be ok and start to grow their proper leaves!

  2. I hope your courgette plants have survived – I think that most plants are in fact quite tough really. I just throw them at the soil & hope for the best!!

  3. Lovely! Your courgettes, if anything like the ones I’ve had on my allotment in the past, will need quite a lot of room each. Mine (and I only had one at a time) used to cover an area of about 4-6′. But they’re fun and very satisfying to grow.

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