Blessed are the Cheesemakers

16th May 2010


In 2010 we had a bit of a food-off. Our fiercely patriotic French friend would not concede that English cheese and paté could possibly be as good as the equivalent French produce.

So Steve & Cathy – who owned a holiday home here – brought a selection of British cheese & paté when they arrived for the summer, and we had a comparison of the various foodstuffs.

IMG_0499 Here is  (from L-R): Gerome (French – but Anglicised!), Alison (British) Perrine (French), Jerome (French) Mr FD (British) Jean (French (mostly hidden)), Steve, & Cathy.

Discussion is getting heated!

IMG_0500After plenty of wine had been consumed – and desserts as well – an Entente Cordiale was declared. (But the British knew they were right!) (And the French thought they were right!)


After yet more wine had been consumed Alison started to wear what I think is a light-up nose. But I’m not totally sure!

Mr FD still upholds his view that Stilton is the best cheese in the world, heads above any blue cheese the French have to offer. As I don’t like blue cheese, I cannot possibly comment. However I am a fan of the wonderfully creamy Brillat Savarin (French, I’m afraid!).

As I have got older my tastes have changed, and I no longer like the strong flavoured cheeses: a camembert cru with calvados washed rind no longer “does it” for me. Mr FD enjoys a cheese that makes your tongue squeak of its own accord though!

And a final cheese memory…

I still remember going on holiday with my parents and they bought lots of “stinky” French cheese. Somehow, one of them rolled under the seat of the car and was forgotten about. The aptly named Livarot (as although it is pronounced properly as Leev-ah-roh, it is known in our house as “liver rot”) was discovered – through our olfactory senses – some weeks later. We didn’t eat it!


5 thoughts on “Blessed are the Cheesemakers

  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time tasting all those cheeses. I’m not a fan of blue cheese either unless it’s in a soup! I remember those smelly cheeses from day trips to Calais, but luckily we didn’t leave any under the car seats X

  2. There is a River Cottage recipe for a warm salad with blue cheese and roasted squash that I really like, but I do mostly avoid blue cheese. I once tried a roquefort-and-chocolate spread. Not to be recommended!

  3. Funny! I wish I could eat cheese, but it does not agree with me. I still indulge every now and then, but I shouldn’t. I like blue cheese, too.

  4. I suppose it’s better to look after your health, but a little nibble now and then might not be TOO bad!! St Paul said “take a little wine for your stomach’s sake” – maybe you could change it to “take a little cheese…” 🙂

  5. I love blue cheese, Roquefort in particular but will happily binge on most of them. A cheese and pate feast would have been right up my street!

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