A little more crafting

I have been following – and using – a calligraphy/art blog called The Postman’s Knock for a while now, and love the tutorials that the very talented Lindsey gives.

It is my friend’s Christian “birthday” soon – we became Christians very close together, and I know that for J it is important to celebrate this. She sends me a card each year, and I send her one. When we lived in the UK, it wasn’t a problem if I forgot, as my “birthday” was 5 days before hers – just enough time to organise and send a card as she would always remember and send me one!

I have to be a little more organised now, but it’s in my diary, so I usually remember. Being ahead of the game, I made a card for her today. I don’t think she reads this blog (sorry if you do and I spoil the surprise!) so here it is:


and a close up of the wreath and calligraphy:


I used the tutorial here and although my wreath is nothing like as skilled as Lindsey’s, I’m still quite pleased with it. I hope J will like it too.

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4 Responses to A little more crafting

  1. Pom Pom says:

    Beautiful, A! I shared that blog with my calligraphy-crazy-now son. I think he’ll like it, too!

  2. fatdormouse says:

    Thank you, Pompom. I hope your son likes the site…I love looking at the different things Lindsey makes/draws/paints/calligraphs.

  3. notewords says:

    Beautiful workmanship!

  4. fatdormouse says:

    Thank you notewords. You are very kind.

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