Tree Zentangle

Pompom has received her tree zentangle. I think she likes it, as she sent me a lovely message.

Here is the zentangle I sent:


I was quite pleased with it – I’m experimenting using colour a bit more, since I found my little Daler-Rowney water colour pallette, that I bought in 1999 to take to Iona. I don’t pretend to be very good at it, but it adds some interest.

IMG_2629  If you’d like me to do a zentangle for you on a particular theme, then please leave a comment. I can’t guarantee when you’ll get it, as I’ve already had requests for a TARDIS, a Beatles themed one, a horse and a fox. But I’ll get to you eventually, if you’d like something.


8 thoughts on “Tree Zentangle

  1. I am mostly utterly rubbish at drawing, although I did follow the Year 8 work a few years ago when I worked with that age group. I so regret getting rid of my sketchbook! When I doodle I doodle trees. I love them. I can’t do branches and leaves, but I love drawing trunks and roots and grass around! As an utterly erratic blogger now, do not put me on your list, but I’ll be popping by to admire this beauty often this week!

  2. That’s really lovely! I tried my first zentangle a few weeks ago and it was such rubbish I binned it pretty quickly. There’s an art to these and you definitely have the knack.

    1. I think you should keep trying – the point of zentangle in its purest form (says she sounding as though she Knows!) is that nothing is “wrong”. Try just zentangling before you do any shapes…My zentangles should (apparently, though I don’t hold with all this nonsense!) be called “Zentangle Inspired Art” as zentangles are not supposed to be representational. This site is quite helpful, and gives lots of ideas for patterns

    1. The good thing with zentangling in its purest form is that you don’t have to be artistic. Look at the site I recommended for Ariel above. It’s really helpful.

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