Goats Cheese crisps? Really?!

Inspired by Kezzie’s post on crisps I thought I’d write my own post – on the wierd and (maybe not so wonderful) crisp flavours that seem to be on offer in French supermarkets:

Goats cheese and chilli. Really?

Perhaps these flavours float your boat: salsa…chilli…or “Parisian sandwich” – which appear, from the illustration, to be ham sandwich flavour crisps!

Or would you prefer mustard-and-gherkin? Chicken curry? Grilled-peppers-and-chorizo?

Bolognaise flavour?

These seem slightly less wierd:

cheese-and-onion (though not just any old onion, these are from Roscoff!), cheese, Garlic mayonnaise (well, okay, that one’s still a bit odd!) and grilled beef.

Luckily I can still get my ultimate favourite, which are these:

And, when I see them, and feel rich, I sometimes treat myself to a bag of Tyrrell’s crisps:

Actually, I’ve not tried these. TBH, they sound a bit odd too!

One of these two go down very nicely with a glass of chilled rosé.

Cheers, Kezzie! Thanks for the inspiration!!


7 thoughts on “Goats Cheese crisps? Really?!

  1. Mmmmm…I love the Bolognese Lays. I always buy a bag. tasty!!! I’ve true the garlic ones too and I like them!! Not sure about the sandwich flavour-very odd!!

  2. My goodness; we have NOTHING like those here! Then again, I never browse that section, as I don’t buy them . . . except for the VERY occasional bag of salt & vinegar chips(crisps).

  3. I had to come over here when I saw your link on Kezzie’s blog. Goat’s cheese flavour crisps sound amazing! I feel a trip over the border to France is required!

  4. Not sure about Bolognese, but I’d be up for some of the others. I’m guessing the ham sandwich flavour is probably ham with mustard? Might be quite nice. (My usual favourite is Walkers prawn cocktail flavour.) Remember the days of “hedgehog” flavour crisps?

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