Act N°28 Show-and-tell

Our unique skills, talents, insights and experiences make us invaluable to each other. You might have no idea how to fit a shelf, but you could be fantastic at styling a house. You might be a computer whizz or a knitting champion or a chess king. You could know what kind of garden will grow in clay soil, or you might draw illustrations beautifully. Whatever your skill set, there will be someone who could do with your knowledge. Offer it freely today.

GREEN: If you’ve only got five minutes, you’ll need a skill you can teach quickly. Teach a teenager to sew on a button, help an elderly person to set up their phone or configure their social network, put up a picture with a DIY-phobe, make an omelette with someone who can’t cook, teach a colleague the short-cut keys on a computer keyboard… There are a lot of quick options to choose from. The tough bit is finding someone to help!

AMBER: What can you do that others wish they could? It could be a practical skill like DIY, baking or craft. Or maybe it’s ways to get fit, be more productive at work, or close that deal. Offer to spend a few hours with someone, teaching them something new.

RED: Commit to share a skill on a regular basis (e.g. helping someone improve their English, teaching someone an instrument, or anything that requires regular lessons).

Well, there’s a question: What can you do that others wish they could?

I have no idea. I don’t know what I can offer to anyone! Yes, I teach English, and so there’s that skill that I share as a professional. Perhaps I could offer English lessons…But who to?

As I’m writing this an idea about offering free English lessons is slowly formulating in my head. I could approach the Director of the Collège to see if he thinks there are some youngsters who could benefit from extra English lessons. I’m kind of not sure because suddenly this Challenge is becoming a Challenge: I’m being asked to regularly give up some time here. I will discuss this with Mr FD, but I think it’s probably what God is calling me to do

(I’m kind of hoping I’ll forget about this one, but I don’t think God will let me!!)






There speaks a reluctant 40 Activist!!


Act 27: Worth the Wait: I have written a letter to the manager of ther restaurant saying Thank You to his staff for their friendly and helpful attitude. I also posted a positive review on Trip Advisor.

Act 23: Last Rolo: I brought myself some bars of chocolate back from the UK…I do love Cadbury’s chocolate! I put all three bars in the package of socks (see below) to encourage the people who are sorting them. It wasn’t my last Rolo, but it was my chocolate stash!!

Act 22: Essentials: I packaged up another 20-odd pairs of socks for Socks for Refugees. They were sent off this morning.



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