February in Books

How come I’ve reached 11th March and I still haven’t managed to record the books I read in February!?

So without any more ado…


  1. HOLY ISLAND by I.J.Ross (read on my Kindle)

The notes I wrote: “Okay but a bit long-winded and slightly ridiculous plot. Let down by an unnecessary epilogue which added to the lack of credibility”

Although I liked the characters, I was annoyed by several points, including a regular reference to the good looks of the main detective, plus the fact that something (I won’t say what) appeared to be known by most of the inhabitants of the island but nobody thought to, mention it to the police. The final ending was really annoyingly unnecessary. I think it was too long, and I just wanted it to finish!

index 1

2. LETTERS FROM SKYE by Jessica Brockmole (Kindle)

My notes read: “Really enjoyed it – a two strand story, one slightly less interesting, but woven together well”

I really did enjoy this epistological (real word?) novel. Written in the form of letters (which is what I guess epistological means!!) it was gripping. I didn’t want this one to finish. Very good.


3. IN WINTER’S GRIP by Gordon Thomson (Kindle). Sub-title “A 1940’s mystery thriller”

Good story but not very well told. Slightly tedious with an annoyingly “unfinished” feel to the end”

Once I noticed a particular trope in the author’s writing, it really started to annoy me,and I thought that it wasn’t that well written. That said, the story was good, and although I guessed who the murderer was fairly early on in the story, it didn’t spoil the tale. However the end was frustrating on two counts; I won’t say what they are, as it might give the game away, but I was a bit disappointed.

In Winter’s Grip” actually took me over into March, but I’m happy to say that the next two books have been much more satisfying. I suppose the fact that I rarely pay more cthan 99p for my Kindle books is reflected in the disappointment levels! The ones I pay more for  (Letters From Skye, for example) are the ones that I usually enjoy more – possibly because they are not self-published, and so have been “endorsed” by a publisher, through acceptance for publication. Not that that is always the case – I have read some rubbish published books & some excellent self-published books – but it is often the situation.

If I had to recommend just one of this month’s books, it would, without doubt, be “Letters From Skye”

And as a sidenote for Trish re: Lolcats…I don’t subscribe. I just google “Lolcats + subject” and see what comes up. These were all “Lolcats books”.


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