Letter writing!

I recently joined in a Hand Written Letter writing Exchange. The idea being that you are linked with two people, one to write to you, one to write to, thus ending up (if you click with them) with two pen friends.

I procrastinated for ages about writing – all the pictures I’d seen of letters sent to other people were beautiful, or witty, or erudite…I hesitated about what to write, what to send, how to present it…Particularly as Kirsten runs a wedding planning company, and creates such beautiful things. I thought she would be woefully disappointed by anything I could send!!

Finally I persuaded myself to just get down to it, so over the weekend I wrote to my correspondent. I sent her a recipe (for Pat’s Chilli jam), a tiny zentangle of a sunflower, a few postcards of Saint Just (yesteryear) and a copy of one of my favourite poems, as well as a letter.

Here is the envelope, ready to go:


Yesterday I got home from Roanne, rather tired after an exhausting hour-and-a-half’s dancing and a slippy, snowy drive home through the mountains, and found an envelope waiting for me! In it there was a lovely chatty letter from Tracy, with a postcard of the town where she loves and a bar of chocklit!!!


What beautiful writing paper! I look forward to writing back to Tracy – but not for a few weeks. The next couple of weeks is going to be a bit busy here in the Dormousehold. I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow, so there won’t be any 40 Acts updates (after today’s) until Tuesday. Then I am desperately trying to finish a scrapbook to be filled in at a friend’s 70th birthday “houseparty” before we go away for 5 days with the Cycle Club. And I have to do some work too!!

But letter writing! What fun!


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