Acts N°19 & 20


Our lives are often built around routines. People factor highly into those routines, but sometimes they become nameless and faceless as we concentrate on our own tasks and desires. Today we’ll take a moment to get off the hamster wheel and show some gratitude towards the ones we’re most likely to overlook.

GREEN:We might see a lot of people day in, day out. It can become easy to take them for granted, and forget to greet them with affection, or even just to say a simple thank you. Be mindful of how you treat your nearest and dearest today; they deserve your courtesy and kindness just as much as anyone else.

AMBER:Your daily latte-maker, your bus driver, the lollipop lady, the postman – why not leave something nice for them to find? Slip it into their bag, leave it on the doorstep or pop it into the tip jar – and leave a note to explain that you’re thankful for them.

RED: Take it higher: look at those people in positions of leadership above you. Being a boss can be a tiring, thankless task. The buck stops with them, and blame often lands at their door when things go wrong. It’s the same with church leaders, school teachers, our MPs and local authorities. Today, take time to acknowledge the effort they put into leadership, and bless them with words of encouragement or a small gift.

My Wednesdays are always busy, but I did have 10 minutes to buy a box of biscuits in the local minimart (Act N°3 Roots) and to drop it off in the post office, with a little note saying it was for call the post office workers/ post deliverers. I know a lot of the people who work at the counter, but the woman who was there yesterday was new, so she didn’t know me from Adam.

What she made of the mad Englishwoman who thrust a box of biscuits at her garbling incomprehensibly in bad French I have no idea!! “But why?” she kept asking

“Just to say thank you!” I trilled in response.

“But why?”

We could have gone round in circles forever, so I skipped out of the PO in the end, leaving her still confused. I hope they enjoyed the biscuits, even if they don’t know why they got them!!

A couple of weeks back, guessing something like this challenge might come up, I gave a present to the guy who leads the Line Dancing group I go to. He didn’t want to teach this year, but, because nobody came forward, he has ended up being the instructor…So I gave him this zentangle wot I drew to appreciate what he does:


When I finally get round to it – and who knows when that will be! – I want to send a card & some chocolates to the school where I used to work, just because teachers need encouragement too!

ACT N° 20: BEAM:

Smile – it’s free, it’s contagious, and it brings feelings of warmth and happiness. Share your smile with everyone you meet today. Even smiling on your own is known to release endorphins and bring a sense of joy, so flash those gnashers and get your grin on.

Only One Option: – smile as much as you can

Hah! Slightly ironic (I think it’s irony…I’m never quite sure if I use the word in its correct way) that the day we’re asked to smile is the day we start to have complicated car problems! Too complicated (and boring!) to go into, but very inconvenient! Still, I suppose I can smile because I’m swanning off to the UK tomorrow and leaving poor Mr FD to deal with it (smiley face!! ) and also because, in the end, it’s only inconvenience and possibly quite a bit of money which we’d rather not have to spend…but we’re lucky enough to have 2 cars, so we’re not without transport, and to have the money, even though we’re not rolling in cash. It isn’t life threatening, and life can still go on.

So I shall endeavour to be smiley, to beam at people and not to get grumpy.

I do hope you are impressed at how I can find LolCats for almost every occasion!!



2 thoughts on “Acts N°19 & 20

  1. Always impressed with your Lolcats! Where do you get them from? Do you have to subscribe? I love your zentangle. It looks very much like a dreamcatcher we have over our bed that I bought in Vancouver.

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