Act N°17 & 18: Propose and Fair Enough!

I seem to be summing up the challenges in pairs at the moment – it is due to my irregular work patterns…Sometimes (like on Mondays) I’m busy, but other times (like today) I haven’t got any lessons. Well, actually, I should have a lesson, but (comme d’habitude!) the company have cancelled at the last minute. Really, I should charge them for the last minute cancellation, but if I did that they would have lost about 1/4 of their allotted hours! If I tell you that they should have finished their 70 hours in June last year, you can imagine how many lessons have been cancelled/ weeks missed for various reasons!

So, on with the challenges. Yesterday was our “extra” day, being 29th February.

Ladies! Today’s the day to pop the question if you’re so inclined! (KIDDING! But do let us know if there is a 40acts wedding – that would be a first!) Today is a leap year, so technically you have been given the gift of extra time. What do you propose to do with it? How might you use today for someone else’s benefit?

Only one option: Today you can choose how to be generous: you have no restrictions on how to spend this extra time. You might want to catch up on any acts you missed so far, repeat any that you liked, or make up your own! Share what you propose to do with your 40acts online community to help those that might be stuck with what to do.

So, as my Chocolate Tuesday had been an epic fail – I had felt distinctly disinclined to go out in the rain to deliver chocolate (how generous is that?!) and the Refuge that I’d planned to send chocolate to hadn’t replied – I thought I would buy some chocolate to send to some old work colleagues back ion the UK. BUT…

I opened my emails and found the refuge had replied! So that was something to be organised… I didn’t have time finally to go to the shops for more chocolate, so that is something still to do. I also emptied my purse into my NASA Space Pig money box, which will be used at the end of Lent for a Lend with Care loan. I’ve already been looking at the possible projects to invest in

So yesterday I was able to catch up on a few challenges that hadn’t quite worked out.

Today, Act 18, is FAIR ENOUGH

Fairtrade Fortnight started yesterday. One way we can live generously every day is by making the small changes in our shopping habits which have a huge impact.

GREEN:If you can’t support Fairtrade with your wallet, use your voice instead. Read up about the movement, and tell someone why it’s a cause worth supporting.

AMBER:Buy Fairtrade today when you stop at the shops for that drink or snack. Want to kick it up a notch? Buy two of whatever you’re getting, and give one to a friend.

RED:Ever thought about a Fairtrade wardrobe? It might be more costly, but ask yourself: if that high street store can make a profit on those £5 shoes, how much really reaches the factory worker paid to make them?

It is trickier finding FT groceries in the supermarket here in France, and in fact some of the FT items I used to buy have disappeared off the shelves,  but when I have the choice, I do buy FT goods. But if I’m buying from t’internet – gifts for example –  I don’t think to go to the Traidcraft site.

So I thought when I was ordering the chocolate eggs for the Women’s refuge (link back to Chocolate Tuesday) that I would definitely buy FT. I looked on the Traidcraft site, but found some others at a cheaper price…So 80 chocolate eggs (small ones!) are winging their way to the organisation in Milton Keynes that runs women’s refuges. Plus some chocolate for the people who work there as well!

And I will also remember to consider TraidCraft and other online FT outlets when considering gifts for friends. It needs to become an ingrained practise.


2 thoughts on “Act N°17 & 18: Propose and Fair Enough!

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about responsible food, and responsible living. I haven’t got much further than thinking, unfortunately, but you do remain a huge inspiration x

    1. That’s remarkably kind of you Mags…I don’t feel terribly inspiring, I have to say, but it’s lovely if I can plant some seeds that may, at some time, come to fruition. God bless you, Prince Charlming and the Suns.

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