Act N° 16 : Adopt

The daily prompt yesterday was:

Adoption is a central concept in the Christian faith. The Bible says we’ve been adopted into God’s family and taken under his wing. With that in mind, how could you extend that generosity to others who may lack family, friends, role models or guidance?

GREEN: Count how many friends (not acquaintances, but actual friends) you have outside your age-group. It’s easy to live in a silo and expect that there’s nothing to learn from people who are older or younger than us. Be challenged today to make friends with someone from another generation.

AMBER: Think about short-term ways you can offer to care for others. You might babysit for your neighbour or for a family at church; you might offer to look after or regularly visit an elderly person to give their loved ones some respite from carer duties.

RED: Think longer-term. How might this act be challenging your heart today? Perhaps you’ve wanted to become a mentor for a while, but never got around to signing up. Maybe adoption or fostering is something you’ve felt called to for a while, but you’ve felt apprehensive about taking the first steps. Well, make those moves today. Let today become the catalyst for something that changes both your life and the lives you touch.

This Act has me stumped…I don’t often meet people from another generation, never mind know one well enough to make friends…not sure what I could offer in the way of the amber challenge, and the Red doesn’t push any buttons either.

But no problem: last year there were Acts that didn’t resonate at the time, but which caught up with me later in the year. Maybe this one is like that. I shall wait and see.

Meanwhile I have been challenged by Rob’s sermon today. Based on the reading from Exodus 3 when Moses encounters the burning bush, Rob pointed out that it was when Moses turned from the straight path, the path he’d mapped out for himself, to go and see what was happening that God challenged him. So many of us have chosen to take the easy path, the path that is not challenging, the path that doesn’t require much thought, but God calls us to leave that path, and to take a chance on the wibbley path, to get involved in the lives of others, and to face the challenges. Part of Rob’s reflection in our newsletter reads:

Curiosity kills the cat but it also ushers in new epochs in history. It changes the fortunes of those who allow themselves the luxury or the lunacy of not looking straight ahead. Were you chided by teachers, coaches and well-meaning uncles about not following the straight line? Would you not have been further ahead if you’d refined your resources, purified and concentrated your materials? “Straighten the lines of your progress.. Above all, don’t get distracted”!

God constantly stands in the midst of the settled paths of prophets, patriarchs and initiates to the Communion of Saints. Our iconography has a tendency to depict our heroes with resolute and slightly elevated gazes as they stare intently at their goals. But – before they were ever useful to God by being resolute and unshakable they were useful to him because they could be distracted – distracted from their day jobs and unstuck from all their several necessary trajectories. God could depend on them to shift their gaze from their desks and direct it out the window.

What view does God want me to see when I look out of the window, I wonder…



2 thoughts on “Act N° 16 : Adopt

  1. Great post, Mouse! Thought provoking indeed. I have read that joy comes when intergenerational community is in place. Good acts.
    I need one of those kittens. 🙂

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