Acts N°11 & 12…L.O.V.E. & Chocolate

ACT N°11: L.O.V.E.

Yesterday was a busy day for me…I had lessons all afternoon in Clermont, and had planned to leave early to go and do my preparation at the language school where I work. But when I got up all bleary eyed, I discovered that the milk we’d put in the fridge to defrost overnight had a dodgy seal and had leaked everywhere. Oh joy! Cleaning the fridge at 7.00 in the morning wasn’t how I’d planned to start the day!!

Never mind.I finally got to work about an hour later than planned, but I had plenty of time to prepare. The lessons, which were all with new students, went okay. I have a general idea of the levels I’m working with and can now plan in advance for them. It’s nice to have the opportunity to go into ILS in the morning and catch up with the teachers I don’t see very often.

So I didn’t really have much time to think about the Act.

see here

The prompt reads thus:

Love means a lot of different things to different people. It might look like hanging up the bathroom towels after you use them, instead of leaving them on the floor. It might look like a special surprise. It might look like a day spent in someone’s company. It might just be a pat on the back and a smile. But each of us is built to give and receive love. It’s a basic need. So give it to someone today.

GREEN/ AMBER/ RED (Only one challenge today):Show love to someone today. Consider two things before you do that, though: (1) In what ways does that person experience love the most? Do they prefer acts of service, gifts, quality time? (2) What kind of love do you most struggle to express? Have a think about the ways you might challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and love someone the way *they* need to be loved today.

The meditation can be read here and it links to another article talking about the 5 Languages of Love. When I first came across this, (I think it was on FaceBook) I dismissed it as being slightly sentimental OTT fare and didn’t take it very seriously. But as I consider it more, I am seeing ways that it might impact on my life with Mr FD. So, I don’t really want to say much more, but rest assured that I did give love today, and hope that it will continue.

And today, it is time for the famous…CHOCOLATE TUESDAY!!

Chocolate. Everywhere.

GREEN:Slip a bar of chocolate into someone’s bag with a note saying ‘#40acts’. Or leave a bar or two in your local library, on a park bench or on the train.

AMBER: Chocolate everyone in your department/road/ toddler group – or wherever you happen to be going today.

RED: Clear the confectionary aisles in your local supermarket and get out onto the streets, handing out free treats for all. Or you could do what some challengers did last year and announce free chocolate on your commute home!

And the meditation can be found here.

Last year, I bought and handed out mini boxes of Smarties in Carrefour. It didn’t go down too well, generally. Most people thought I was mad, I didn’t really know how to explain what I was doing, and finally a group of adolescents cleaned out the bag that was offered to them…I also bought 5 “rochers de praline” at the Jeff de Bruges chocolate shop, and asked the owner to give them to his next 5 customers. I assume he did so. He might have just pocketed the cash himself…Who knows? (Oh, I’m cynical today!)

What to do today? I struggle to explain myself in French, so I am probably going down the anonymous route…with a little note. I did this last year, popping some chocolate bars in letter boxes with a note saying “Le chocolat – profitez en. C’est bon pour le moral” I have no idea whether people thought they were drugged chocolate bars and threw them out, or whether they were accepted in the spirit with which they were given. I’m really not sure what my reaction would be to finding a random chocolate bar in my letter box!

But I didn’t quite feel this was enough. Who’d like some chocolate by post, I thought…I was thinking of my friends, but then a thought about women’s refuges popped unexpectedly into my head. So I’ve contacted a Refuge organisation in Milton Keynes, where I used to live, asking if there is a safe delivery address where I can send some Easter Eggs for the women & children who will be there at Easter. I’ll then order some of these

to be delivered.

I also have a big bar of White-chocolate-and-coconut chocklit which is just crying out to be shared with Mr FD!


One thought on “Acts N°11 & 12…L.O.V.E. & Chocolate

  1. This is beautiful. It perfectly illustrates one of the dilemmas of “random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”. Gifts can be met with suspicion, cynicism, mistrust and all the rest of it but now and again a small, simple thing can make a huge difference to someone’s day. You may never know about it, either. I’m hoping those chocolate bars through the letterboxes pleased the recipients. It was a lovely kind thought.

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