No Act today: Let’s go for a walk!

I would like to thank everyone who has made comments over this first 10 days of 40 Acts, either on my blog or on FaceBook. I really appreciate people taking the time to comment, to encourage, to engage with what I have written. It makes me feel that I’m not just writing gobbledegook (spelling?) and casting it into the wilderness of the internet! Thank you.

Today is such a beautiful day that, although I had planned to do some craft work this afternoon, it seemed like a crime to stay indoors (and that’s coming from an inveterately lazy person!) I phoned my friend, Alison, to see if Marvin the dog wanted to comeout to play, but there was no reply, so I went out alone. Mr FD had cycled in the morning, while I was at church, so was too knackered to come out for a walk.

I planned to take a photo every 10 minutes along my route, but as I ended up with uninspiring views at the time my timer beeped I gave that up, and just took photos when there was something interesting to see.

So, please, join me on my walk…


Ten minutes into the walk, and I’m looking towards Chalmazel, the nearest ski-station. You can maybe just see it in the centre of the picture (you definitely can if you click on the picture to make it bigger) . I don’t suppose there’s much skiing going on there really.


Ten minutes later and I’m looking along the road in the direction I’m heading – but I’m taking an old track off to the right.


Already fed up by the 10 minute rule I stop and take a photo of a barbed wire fence that has been incorporated into this tree. The bark has grown around it. And this has happened to about 4 of the trees along this stretch of track.


I reach the hamlet of Veillas, where there is the memorial to those lost in the First World War. Often there are pots of flowers around the bottom, but not today. I paused to have a chat with two walkers.

IMG_2501           IMG_2502

Leaving the hamlet I passed the old Lavoire, where in earlier days, the women would have gazthered to do their washing. As Veillas is on a bit of a hill, the lavoire is a few hundred metres outside, catching a stream as it flows through the fields. Sadly neglected now, it is surrounded by brambles.


I stopped for a few minutes to watch a pair of buzzards turning lazily on the thermals over the valley. I tried to get a photo, but it just looked like a black dot on a bright blue background. So instead I took a photo of the bee hives nestling in the copse. On a spring or summer day the air in this area is heavy with the sound of buzzing but at the moment I imagine the bees are still sleeping.


Looking back towards Veillas, and then carry on down the road until I reach a view of Saint Just. Usually around this time the fields up here have sheep and possibly lambs too, but there were none out at the moment. Maybe it is still too early, despite the balmy temperatures of 16° today!


There may not have been lambs out, but there are signs of Spring with the catkins starting to sprout (or whatever catkins do!)


And then we reach the outskirts of the village, with the plethora of signs that seems to always greet one on the entry to villages and towns…


Finally, just as I get close to home I notice some sweet spring flowers starting to grow.


I had planned to have deep and meaningful thoughts, but somehow my mind just skittered from inconsequential subject to inconsequential subject…I enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the intense blue of the sky, the sounds of birds and the rustle of tree in the breeze…I thought about this, and that, and nothing. It was lovely.


5 thoughts on “No Act today: Let’s go for a walk!

  1. What a lovely walk – the willow catkins always remind me of my primary school teacher, who used to bring twigs and put them in a vase in the classroom every spring! Weekend blessings x

  2. Thanks for letting us come along for a sunny spring walk in the French countryside. Don’t worry about the deep and meaningful thoughts. The world is meant to be appreciated!

  3. What a lovely walk, and such great weather as well!! We have sunshine and frost today, so not too warm, but at least the sun is out! I love the way that when you enter a village in France, there always seem to be lots of little signs! 🙂

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