Act N°10: Spur On

No negativities here!! This is a Challenge I feel less controversial about!!

Our words have immense capacity for good. When we use them encouragingly, generously, and genuinely, there are few things that have more power. A timely word can change the course of someone’s day, or even someone’s life. Use words wisely.

GREEN: Grab a stack of Post-it notes or sticky labels, and write down some one-line encouragements. Then stick them up around your house, your gym, your work or your town for other people to find.

AMBER: For some people it’s really hard to actually say nice things. Writing nice things is simple, perhaps even texting nice things – but saying nice things? That takes a bit of courage. So today, try to give three verbal encouragements. Make them genuine and appropriate.

RED: Grab some chalk and head for the streets. Find a patch of pavement and get creative: write a public message of encouragement for everyone to see. It’s legal (it washes off in the rain!), and brightens everyone’s day. A great act to do with kids, too!

You can read the meditation here. It starts with the rather lovely words

I actually think that the Amber act is possibly harder than the Red one – although I’m not doing either! I will spend some time building up my collection of “Ninja Notes” – which are encouraging postcards which I leave in shopping trolleys, lifts, public toilets, car windscreens etc. This grew out of last year’s 40 Acts, (or even maybe 2014) and is something I have carried on with through the year. Then when I go for a walk, or I’m out shopping I will look for opportunities to put these Ninja Notes (secret and stealthy) in places. I trust that God will lead the right person to find them – as I’m writing them I sometimes imagine who might find them… The ones I like best are those that say:

I leave these tucked into baby change tables, imagining that a harassed young mother, or father, will find this just as they reacdh the end of their tether!

So, while I’m not exactly posting post-its, I am using words to encourage people. Some are religious, some are not, but all are meant to support, encourage and empower people.

I also posted this on my Facebook page

for all my wonderful friends who support me and help me to be flawesome!


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