Act N°7: All Ears

Today’s prompt reads:

It’s tempting sometimes to make our conversations a tool for self-expression rather than genuine consideration for what the other person is saying. Remove interruptions and that natural inclination to queue up what you are going to say next, and actually listen to people.

GREEN:The first step might be simply to be disciplined in removing distractions. Make an effort to switch off devices or screens if you’re around others today.

AMBER:Dust off the telephone and call someone for a chinwag today. Except, do less chinwagging than them; make a point of asking questions about their life and be genuinely interested in their answers.

RED: If you have a little more time today, make a point of having a tea break with someone. It could be someone you haven’t spent time with in a while, or the colleague you sit next to. Take half an hour to really listen to them – make mental notes of any prayer points and commit to pray for them this week. (Bonus points if you let them know you’ll be praying for them!)

The meditation is here .

I think it was the listening action last year that I found difficult to “pin down”, and it’s the same this year. As an English teacher, I have to be aware of TTT (“Teacher Talking Time”) and make efforts to reduce this…so it’s a good discipline to try to do today, as I teach Yvalda. But that’s not really “it” is it?

I don’t like using the phone much – Mum and I had a conversation that was over in 10 minutes yesterday! Neither of us are comfortable on the phone! (Unlike the cat in the picture above…)

But, I will try to connect more when Mr FD is talking to me in future, instead of just grunting non-commitedly, and I will also try to take on board the useful pointers given here on the Stewardship blog. And when friend Cathy arrives in April, to spend 6 months in her house, there will be plenty of time to engage in listening, as she is a great talker!!

Today I have spare time between lessons and line dancing. Maybe there will be someone out there who needs to talk, and maybe I’ll be the one who God wants to listen. So I’ll try to be open to being the ears that they need (although if they want to talk in French I may find that a bit tricky!)

No big thoughts – comme d’habitude! – but I’ve got to dash. Thank you for your comments both here & on FB, about blogging on 40 Acts. You have been both encouraging and thought provoking. Bless you.


One thought on “Act N°7: All Ears

  1. ive really enjoyed what I’ve read so far here. These are brilliant! I am going to yet and join in if I can. This one rings v true with me. I used to be very good at phoning friends and staying in touch. It has been since I’ve been married that I’ve donr it less. Recently though, I started to try again and actually I think it has been really good. One friend said that perhaps God had made me speak to her that night for a reason because of something she asked me to help with. That’s quite a lovely thought!Xx

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