Act N°4: 999 (Meh)

I wondered if this might be about supporting our local emergency services, and I was ready to take a box of biscuits to the local Sapeurs Pompiers…

But no:

Today’s act is incredibly practical and simple: find a need and meet it. Now. Today.

GREEN:Put the word out in your household or your friendship group today – ask what needs people have right now. It might be simple: picking up some shopping, fixing a leaky tap, or a quick lift somewhere. They might just need a hug or a listening ear. Whatever small thing you can do for someone else today, do it.

AMBER:40acts is a community of over 100,000 people, and all of us have individual needs. Build community online today – find a fellow 40activist and see if they have a need you could meet.

RED:Phone up your local foodbank/ church/refuge/homeless shelter and find out what supplies they’re running low on today. It might be food, bedding, craft supplies or loo rolls. Head to your local shops and stock up, then drop a care package round to them this afternoon.

You can read the meditation here

“Incredibly simple”? Well, I’m not sure…

I’m feeling uninspired and a bit “meh” today and can’t think of any way I can help anyone. I’ll be sending some more Socks for Refugees soon but I’d be doing that anyway; I’ll be adding something to the Church foodbank collection, but I’d be doing that anyway… So I’ve just posted on my FB page “How can I help you?” – I wonder if anyone will respond. Until they do, I’ll just keep waiting for another slap with a wet fleece….

Just one of those days, I think. Hopefully bright and breezy tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Act N°4: 999 (Meh)

  1. Hi – you did better than me – at least you read the instructions properly. I read the blog, got in my head that we were on to a kind act and went off on my own track. Now I realise what we were supposed to be doing. Did anyone respond? Here is something I need – a bit of encouragement to keep going with the 40Acts and not let it become too distracting from my everyday responsibilities. Can we help each other somehow? (after all, that is the Amber action – is there anything YOU need – that can be done from afar?)

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