Act N°2: No scrubs

I was worried when I saw the “hint” about this Act…I was concerned I might be asked to do some household chores! Not something I enjoy (as the rather dishevelled state of our house testifies!). Well, in a way, that is what we are being asked to do. Here’s the prompt:

Alright. Some of us are clean freaks. Others prefer to live in organised chaos. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that our communities feel like nicer places when they’re litter-free. It’s better for the environment, and easier on the eye. Roll your sleeves up and make your world cleaner today.

GREEN:If you’re not heading out today, or you only have half an hour, why not offer to do the chores for someone else in your house – a family member, or a house-mate perhaps. It might feel a bit awkward to ask your neighbour if they need anything cleaned up, but if you share a communal area, start there.

AMBER:Grab some rubber gloves and a bin bag, and hit the streets for a community clean-up. If you want to get really fancy, you could even use separate bags for plastics and paper, and drop them off at your local recycling point when you’re done.

RED:Remember that circle of friends you contacted yesterday? Well, today’s your first chance to plan a get-together for a cause. Organise a cleaning party – perhaps you’ll all get together to litter-pick, or clean off some graffiti, or repaint a community area that’s looking a little tired (you might need permission from your local authority first). Put a date in the diary and start planning!

Not everyone likes rubbish in quite the same way!

As I think I said last year, when there was a similar Act, here the Municipal Council are very good at the clean up of rubbish – after the weekly market there are always street cleaners out to clear up. It is rare to see much litter around. I think the worst though is when out for a walk, you can all too often come across a little hidden corner (handy to the road) that has been used as a toilet, and has bits of tissue/loo roll flapping about, caught in the low hanging branches or bushes. And sorry, 40 Acts, I am definitely not clearing that up!

However, there is another kind of litter…

…and with 4 cats it is something that requires dealing with all too often. I must admit to naughtily “forgetting” the trays in the cellar (out of sight -and smell! – out of mind!) and letting Mr FD clear them…So for 40 Acts I will stop “forgetting” and I’ll do more than my fair share of litter tray clearing. Oh joy!


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