And we’re off! Act N°1: Circles

I need to be off to Roanne – lessons starting in an hour – but I didn’t want to leave the first act until tomorrow!

Here are the prompts:

GREEN: Find a notepad and pen – sketch out your social circles: friends, family, colleagues, sports teams, church. Notice how they might overlap, or be completely disconnected. Stretch yourself – include the circles of people that you *could* plug into a little better, with more effort. Stick your doodle up somewhere in your house, as a reminder for the next 40 days of the people God has placed into your life. They’re your opportunity to practise generosity!

AMBER: If you’ve got a little more time today, do the green option and then spend some time praying intentionally for these circles and how your 40acts experience might impact on them.

RED: Want to go all out today? Why not contact one of your circles – start a Facebook group, use WhatsApp or email, or pick up the phone – and let them know about 40acts? Encourage them to join you for the next 40 days, and see if you can find a group of people in your local community to make a generous impact wherever you are.

So, instead of frantically practising the new dances that we learned last week for tonight (my usual Wednesday morning activity – why don’t I do it sooner?) I drew circles & wrote names.


I think if you click on the picture you may be able to see it larger scale

I thought about using different colours to indicate different “distances” of contact but decided that, as all links are important, I wouldn’t do that. I tried to join links, but I’m not sure it’s worked quite how I envisioned it. There’s an empty circle too…I get the feeling that there’s either an important link I’ve forgotten, or that someone/ some group will become important over this 40 Acts. Or maybe it’s for you, whoever is reading this…

But I must dash – I have a packed lunch to finish making, and “A Little Bit Country” to practise before I leave!!


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