Back in time…to play board games

2 thoughts on “Back in time…to play board games”

  1. My Spirograph has gone missing. Bob had Totopoly. My family avoided any ‘ga,bling’ games, so no bingo, and even cards were ‘The Devil’s Playthings’!!We still have our original family Scrabble game [my Dad made a proper wooden box when the cardboard one split]
    But the programme- where DID they get such a dire Sunday School [and Anne W as the teacher?] good grief, if MY SS had been like that, would I be a minister’s wife now? There was no flannelgraph Bible Story, and no action choruses – two staple features of our 1950s Sunday mornings! Not to mention tea towels on the head as we acted out the stories.
    Looking forwards to tonight’s programme

  2. This was a real trip through memory lane! I had Fuzzy Felt and it was my favourite bedtime toy. I would sit and tell stories for hour (it seems now) before going to sleep. And I’m sure I played Mousie Mousie.
    We come from Rainhill , near Liverpool, and the National was the only gambling we ever did as well!

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