That which was lost…

Huzzah! I’ve found the camera! It was in my “Keep everything together” box on my desk – which is where it lives – but it had somehow slipped out of its allotted space and had had a pot of pens put on top of it. Happily I had moved the pot of pens today and just happened to glimpse a bit of camera case in the shadows.

So I can show you some of the cards I’ve been making recently…

This one for Alison’s birthday tomorrow:




I used some of the papers from the pads I received during various Christmas swaps, plus some paper scraps for the rosettes, which are quite easy to make, but rather impressive looking, I think! It’s an easel card, so the pearls on the bottom part are necessary to stand it upright. The background is a paper cut-out ribbon that I bought years ago in Noz. I don’t use it very often, but the colours went well in this.

It’s a bit wibbly because I used the wrong glue – I have found that the best glue to use is Scotch Gel glue, which doesn’t make the paper/ card go slightly wavy as it dries. Unfortunately it wasn’t until I’d put the card together that I realised I’d used Scotch Transparent Glue instead, which obviously isn’t as good. But I think it’s only me that will notice!

I’ve taken part in another swap – “Share Your Love” – and I’ve sent off my present to Rae. As my camera had gone walkabout by the time I put the gift together I can’t show you what I made/collected for her, but I will post a link to her blog, if she blogs about it. I can however show you the cards that I made as part of the present. The instructions were “something red”, so I made three red-based cards.


This one uses one of my embossing folders bought with my Big Shot just before Christmas, plus a die-cut butterfly. Hand written, slightly shakey calligraphy!


Oh look! More butterflies!! The two pinks are mirrored top and bottom layers on the two butterflies.


And finally this card which again uses paper from my Christmas swap parcels. I love this style of card, which is reasonably easy, but a bit fiddly, to put together. It uses some stickers and other embellishments from Noz as well.

I’ve signed up for a Handwritten letter exchange. I’ve been paired up, and although I haven’t got round to writing I thought I’d send a postcard/ATC to my partner…So I put one together – I was quite pleased with it (forgot to take a photo though!) until I looked at Kirsten’s website. She is a wedding planner and everything that she has put together is absolutely beautiful and perfect. I fear my slightly wobbley postcard no longer passes (my) muster. Sigh. Still I hope she likes it. I will now have to try to think of something interesting to write in a letter!!


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