Today I have mostly been…

…teaching and filing papers!

Over at Fat Dormouse I was bemoaning the fact that I had a difficult lesson today – catching up with a group for their final 16 hours after a 9 month break. It wasn’t easy, and there was way too much Teacher Talking Time (a no-no in ESL training!) but it wasn’t quite as difficult as anticipated. I hadn’t planned quite enough of the right level of revision work, but I was pleased with my on the hoof fill-the-last-30-minutes exercise.

They’d already worked in pairs to complete a questionnaire entitled “How Healthy Are You?” with questions like “How often do you go to the gym?” (we were practising using adverbs of frequency/ frequency expressions) so I asked them to work in the same pairs to create the questions and marking system for a questionnaire called “How hard do you work?” They managed to come up with some appropriate questions and possible answers (How often do you have a coffee break? How often do you sleep at work? etc) , and by the time they’d asked each other the questions, the last half-hour was finished!! Huzzah!

My other lesson later today will be easier – already planned, with one student. And dinner cooked by Mr FD on my return.

The other complaint at Fat Dormouse was the fact that, having cleared my teaching shelves, I have an awful lot of filing of random worksheets/lesson plans/resources to do. Instead of tackling it all at once (which is very unlikely to happen!) each time I sit at y desk to do some work,I take a small/large handful of papers (depending on how urgent the work is that I’ve got to do) and file them before starting anything else. Gradually, the pile should diminish! Except I didn’t do that before starting this blog post, so I shall do it now!


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