Play Your Cards Right!

We have two lovely neighbours who live across the square from us, called Monique and Michel. I don’t think I have ever met anyone as generous and giving as they are. Last Monday we went across for a drink and a “Happy New Year” – there had been a mix-up (not sure if it was my French or not!) and they arrived Chez Nous but on seeing my confused face, they quickly invited us over to their place (as I had expected!) We spent a couple of hours drinking vin de pamplemousse (grapefruit wine) and eating smoked salmon, and chatting away in a strange mixture of French and English.

Here’s a very wonky picture of their shop & house.

I took a plate of chocolate chip cookies, a bottle of wine & some chocolates for them, plus the handmade card I showed you last week; but we were bowled over by the generosity of their gift for us – two lovely cups, filled with Werthers Originals & chocolate plus a vintage serving dish! It is always a pleasure to spend time with them.

It has been decided that we are going to start playing cards with them (TBH I’m not a great fan of card games, but I didn’t have a lot of say in the matter!) So next Monday, they are coming to us to learn how to play Crib – about the only card game I’m willing to tolerate –

and then the fortnight after we are going there to learn how to play Tarot –which is nothing to do with telling fortunes, but a card game which looks exceedingly complicated!!

I’m not sure how easy it will be to describe how to play crib – and I think I may need to remind myself before we start! It’s been a great many years since I last played!


One thought on “Play Your Cards Right!

  1. I’ve played Tarocchi (the Italian version of Tarot) and it isn’t as complicated as you might expect. Cribbage was the one I struggled with! But enjoy – sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening.

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