What I’m wearing – Sunday at church

Yesterday I mentioned I’d bought a new tunic at the sales, to try to look a bit smarter & more professional when going to businesses to teach. I tried the outfit out today to go to church


Both pictures are a bit blurry – and do not look at the tip that is the bedroom. I think I need to practise these photos-of-oneself-in-a-mirror! The top comes from the French clothing chain Depeche Mode, the leggings from who knows where and the boots from Noz. Oh, the bargain of the year! Leather, fur-lined lace-up boots for under 20€!! The only downside is that they take 5 minutes to puit on becauseof all the lacing!

Any comments?

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9 Responses to What I’m wearing – Sunday at church

  1. You look great, love the colourful dress. I like colour, me. Too many people wear too much black.

  2. Ariel says:

    Mirrors can make photography difficult, because the camera will try to focus on the surface of the glass. But I like the colourful dress and completely agree with travellingmarshalls there is too much black around!

  3. fatdormouse says:

    Interesting top know about the focussing problem – does that mean thenearer I am to the mirror the better the focus? I know very little about photography!

  4. angalmond says:

    I love the outfit, would happily dress like that for church – or teaching – any day! Your bedroom is tidier than mine.

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