What I’m wearing – Saturday at home

Jan over at The Great Escape  is trying to have a smarter image than her default jeans-and-hoodie look. To encourage herself, she is posting her daily look, and I have to say she looks very good in the pictures so far. I wish I could look as good!

Inspired by her I thought I might try an occasional What I’m Wearing post. I want to try to look a bit smarter than I have been – especially when going out to teach in businesses – so I thought this might encourage me. I went to the sales yesterday and bought myself a tunic/dress which I plan on wearing with leggings & boots. Hopefully picture tomorrow when I wear it for church.

But this is me today – a Saturday at home:


Fleece and baggy jeans. Sorry it’s a bit dark, but obviously I couldn’t use a flash, and the only place with a full length mirror is in our rather dark bedroom. And here are my slippers (I really should have arranged my jeans better!)


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7 Responses to What I’m wearing – Saturday at home

  1. Ariel says:

    I sometimes feel I should get away from the jumpers and trousers look myself (especially when the trousers start getting a bit baggy) BUT not in this weather. Full marks to you and Jan for making the effort, though.

  2. fatdormouse says:

    I know what you mean – in this weather I want to wear lots and lots of cosy layers!

  3. Since I’ve retired I too seem to live in jumpers and trousers. Occasionally I make the effort to wear a skirt!

  4. Michelle says:

    You’re braver than I am!

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