Busy days!

On Tuesday I spent the whole day reorganising my craft shelves – I’m not quite sure why as they don’t look THAT much different, but I did get rid of some bits and pieces.

Here they are “before” – various bits stuffed in various boxes, baskets etc. The boxes weren’t always easy to get at, as I had to move things that were on top of them before I could open the box. The paper organiser shelves had a lot of admin papers in and you don’t want to look behind the curtain.

Honestly, you don’t.





And here it is After…



I’m well aware it doesn’t look much different, but trust me, it is. I now have papers in the paper shelves (turned on its side), and the boxes are more accessible. I’ve also put different things in the boxes, swopped what was in the orange drawers ( my stick-ons, embellishments and so on  which are now in another set of drawers with WIP and calligraphy pens) and hidden stuff in the green boxes on the top shelf. These still need sorting, as do some of the contents of the boxes on the shelves. But I think it is all more accessible than it was.

But you still don’t need to look behind the curtain….


2 thoughts on “Busy days!

  1. I really dare not post a picture of my craft shelves. I am impressed by what you have done, and recognise such an achievement does truly require a WHOLE day. I am well aware that not having the stuff sorted means every task takes that little bit longer, so in the end, it IS better to begin with a tidy workspace, but I have not found the motivation yet. I will…eventually…Happy New Year

  2. ha! ha! I too have been trying to tidy my studio, it is an ongoing task! I wish i had a curtain to hide things behind, in my old craft room I used to put all the mess down one end and tidy the other and post the tidy picture, telling everyone that they didn’t want to see the other end. Now my room is square and I just seem to have a mess in the middle so definitely no photos just yet! It does feel good when you achieve what you set out and job well done I’d say xx

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