Just chillin’

I’ve been enjoying the past few days, not cleaning, not shopping, not doing housework – just chilling! I did have to do my accounts yesterday and declare my earnings, but otherwise I’ve enjoyed blog surfing, zentangling, and making some Christmas cards (yes, really!!)

Pen, over at Rosalily, showed a card she’d made and I rather fancied trying one. It’s a bit tricky to photograph as it’s a flip card, with a couple of layers to it. But here’s my attempt to photograph what I did.

Here’s the front


Here’s the first opening, with a tag in a pocket on the left hand side

IMG_2451Here it is with the second flap opened, with another pocket and tag

IMG_2452The first tag is a bought one, from Noz – 6 tags for 50 cents. Rather neat, I thought! The other (seen above) is from a Christmas card kit, also from Noz.

IMG_2453 Then I made another card… also tricky to photograph! It opens in the middle, revealing the sentiment shown below.



(Wishing you) plenty of good things for this new year

It’s been nice to potter and make cards with no pressure. I might try to make one Christmas card a week (but then and again, maybe I won’t!) but I’ve got lots of other crafty projects going on, including my Desiderata project. I’m up to card number 11 on this project, and enjoy picking it up every few weeks.

I’ve got a couple of zentangles to do, from the Auction at church. I’ve done one – similar to the one I did for Kezzie – and another Eiffel Tower as well.

Hmm..what shall I do now, I wonder?


4 thoughts on “Just chillin’

  1. Thank you for the Christmas card you sent me. I love seeing the cards you make on here, so impressive ! I took my cards down yesterday, such a shame to remove them and the house looks bare. But to me it also symbolises a fresh start to the year. Bonne annee!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I’m not sure when I’ll take the decorations & cards down – probably next weekend. I always think the house looks so bare afterwards!!

  2. Your cards are really brilliant! I haven’t made anything as impressive as this ever because I am not the best at the gluing/sticking/attaching part with large collages!
    Yay for Zentangles, please do share them, I love to see them.Perhaps you could do a series based on outlines of iconic buildings or structures,e.g famous bridges like Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Sydney Opera house, the Gherkin etc (showing my terrible knowledge of such things!) x

  3. That’s a good idea Kezzie! I’ll add to the list of everything else I want to do!! Thank you for your kind comments – the flip card wasn’t actually that tricky. You just need quite a lot of good glue!

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