Kezzie has been showing off some of the lovely cheery cards that she has made recently. I’m showing off some less cheery ones; as I said last time, my friend Claire, a district nurse, gives cards to the families of her patients when they die. She likes to have a stash of cards, so I made 4 more today. Quite simple, all using paper from my collection. Mostly these papers were gifts from my SiL, who often sends me a stock of crafty goodies for my birthday or Christmas. Some of them came from Noz purchases too.

IMG_2358The paper “ribbons” were bought years ago, but I often forget I have them, so don’t use them. They would be good for quilling, I think, although maybe they’re not fine enough.

IMG_2359This uses a bit of washi tape, and a sticky border that I bought in Noz in the Spring. The butterfly paper was from a pad that I bought in The Works last year.

IMG_2360This one is a bit “blokier” – the sticky corners were from Noz, and the centre piece was in a setr also from Noz, and used for Monique’s card too (I showed you that one on this post) I wrote the sentiment “Our thoughts are with you.

IMG_2361Kezzie wrote about her flower stamp, that reminded me of these cut out flowers (again from Noz!) that I’ve had for about a year…four different sizes, in contrasting colours, they fit together beautifully to make the flower you can see. Finished with a couple of purple gemstones.

I tend not to use too much black in condolence cards, preferring blue, grey or purple: still sombre colours, but not black. Not sure why…

Maybe I’ll make some cheerier cards soon – although I’ll be running out of free time at the end of this week. My 240 hours of teaching (8 hours a day, 3 times a week) starts next Monday. I’m really, really hoping that InfoLangues don’t give me any phone lessons on Thursdays, because that is my only preparation time. Otherwise I’ll have to prepare at the weekend and that certainly isn’t in my plans!!! But, having said that, it’s good to work!

I’m cooking some bread in the slow cooker.It’s starting to smell delicious. My stomach is rumbling!!


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