Jazzing it up in Lyon

Yesterday evening we drove over to Lyon to listen to Pierre’s Jazz combo (Ozon Jazzer) at their Fete de la Musique concert – except we discovered that for the purposes of the Jazz Combo he is known as Pedro, which caused a little confusion to begin with. I don’t now why this should be, except that he is Portuguese by origin, so maybe he feels that he is going back to his roots and calls himself this while relaxing. Maybe it is his real name (in which case, why Pierre?). Maybe it’s a nickname. We don’t know.

Anyway, we arrived early hoping to find somewhere to have a snack meal (having eaten quite well at lunchtime) There wasn’t anywhere, as the only bar in the town had run out of bread and couldn’t do sandwiches; but we did manage to snaffle the last two rather doughy slices of pizza in the about-to-close boulangerie. With a shared millefeuille and a can of orange juice that was our dinner, which we ate sitting on the grass of a little park. Finished by 7.15 (the concert started at 8.30) we wandered back to the car and did crosswords from my ever-handy crossword book until 8.00 when we were let into the venue. Mr FD met someone who used to work at Sogemed,(where he & Pierre/Pedro work)  and so we chatted to him and his wife until the concert started.

It was very good: mostly modern jazz, all instrumental until the end when someone joined them to sing a couple of songs. He was, apparently, quite nervous as he had been informed there were two English people in the audience – his songs were in English and he was worried about his pronunciation!  He sang  something which has slipped out of my mind and “On the Sunny Side of the Street” – pronunciation was understandable if not perfect!


After an interval during which glasses  of very strong Planters’ Punch were served there was a freer section, when other people wh had brought along instruments could join in. There was another singer, several sax players etc. This was good, but got a bit tedious as everyone got to play a solo section, which meant pieces went on for 15 minutes or so… We left at about 11.15 – with an hour-and-a-half’s drive home that was quite late enough, thank you!

We impressed several people when they discovered we’d come over 100 km to listen to the Combo, but it didn’t really feel too much of an effort. It was a nice drive over (we avoided the motorway) and we enjoyed ourselves. Next time we may plan better to find somewhere to eat but I certainly think there will be a next time.


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