The A-Z of me

Lisa at Into the Glade recently “tagged” me & challenged me to write an A-Z of me. Hah! Easy I thought (except for a few letters, anyway!) But no, I was wrong! I had too many things for some letters and nothing for quite a lot more!

As I’m going away on Wednesday I thought I’d crack on and try to write mine, as otherwise I knew I would forget. (There’s another “F” – forgetfull!) I hope you enjoy reading these.

A is for…Alison

It’s my first name, and the first name of four good friends – plus other people I know…all around the same age! Obviously it was a popular name round about then.

B is for…blogging

Something I really enjoy, although sometimes I find it hard to think of topics to blog about. I love getting comments, and while it’s nice to have lots of followers I prefer lots of comments. Sometimes I envy those people who get offered things to promote & review on their blog – one blogger I used to read was offered a mini-break on a cruise ship!! – but I don’t think I’ll ever get to those dizzy heights. “Woman” magazine did offer me some free apps for some readers, but that’s as far as I’ve got.

C is for…church

I have almost always gone to church. When we arrived here I went to the Eglise Reformée but found it too hard to understand, & I really didn’t get on with the Pastor. Now I go to the American church in Clermont Ferrand I find it much more satisfying. It’s a long drive though (55 minutes) so I don’t go every week. (C is also for cats. But see “K” for that. It’s for cycling too, which, even though I don’t, does tend to dominate the house, due to the fact that Mr FD does. We have three bikes in the downstairs salon. )


Here is our Rector, Father Rob, strumming his whatever-instrument-that-is, at the open air service that we had last June on the Plateau de Gergovie, above Clermont Ferrand.

D is for…dancing

I love dancing. When I went to an evangelical church I used to do liturgical dance (squirm). I did a lot of Morriss dancing in Milton Keynes but my back didn’t really like the jumping. I did a course of ballrroom dancing too, but I’m finally happy with my line dancing which I do most Wednesdays.

(D is also for Dormouse – my nickname from the time when Mr FD and I were courting, and I would spend Friday evenings asleep on his parents’ sofa after a long week teaching. It’s also for Donkeys...I really would love to have a donkey. If I had one I would call it Hotey: Donkey Hotey)

E is for …education

I have spent most of my life in education in some form or another, either school, college, teaching, or in the Eucation Dept of Milton Keynes Council. This English teaching is the best part of it though. I am lucky enough to be able to say I love my job (even though it is a little precarious at the moment!)

E is also for Elbow, one of my very favourite bands. And excema – but you don’t really want to know about that!!!


This is the card I made for Elbow when we went to see them in the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

F is for…food

Which I love. Very little food is not loved! (Offal is not loved. Nor are brussel sprouts)

F is also for France – see the page “Throw off the Bowlines” for more information – and Fasting, as I am trying to follow the 5:2 way of eating. F is also for Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner, which is my other blog

G is for… God

The most important thing in my life. God so loved the world that he sent his only begottten Son that whoever believes in Him should not peris but have Everlasting Life. This is how we know what Love is: God first loved us.

(G is also for goats. I like goats. But I thought God should come first!)

H is for …husband

Dear Mr FD who looks after me in so many different ways. Thank you, Mr FD.


Here is Mr FD hiding behind George and Millie!

I is for …in laws

My FiL died suddenly just before we moved to France. He and I didn’t see eye-to-eye over many things, and I think he often found me as irritating as I found him! My MiL howver is lovely – I am so lucky to have her. She has found a new man and I wish them every happiness!

(I is also for Iona, where I had an amazing, spiritual holiday with my then-9 year old godson, Joe)

J is for.. (Oh, this was hard!) Joe, Simon & Ruth

who are my godchildren. Joe is working in Columbia at the moment (not quite sure what he’s doing!), Ruth got married lastr summer & works as a graphic designer, & Simon is studying History at Oxford Brookes.

K is for…a Kindle of Kittens

Our Very Bad Kittens: Pomme, George, Millie and Bib. None of them are really Kittens now, but that’s what we call them!

L is for…Liverpool

I am a proud Scouser, even though I don’t have the accent!

L is also for LLM (Licensed Lay Minister) which is what I was, and hope to be again. It’s how I can serve God. (See “G”!) L is for Lolcats (of which I use far too many!) and for  Llama – another of my favourite animals. How can you not love their little faces!

M is for Milton Keynes

We lived there for 15 years and I loved it. A vibrant, well-planned city with history and vision for the future. It really was a great place to live.

It’s where I learned how much I loved acting. And where I became an LLM.

N is for… Narcissus

(a bit of a struggle this one!) But narcissi/daffodils are one of my favourite flowers.

O is for …October

It’s when I was born! A good month!

P is for …Preaching

This is what I am very happy to do (although the sermon for Sunday isn’t flowing as well as it could – possibly because I’m spending time trying to write this A-Z!!) I know I have a talent for it, and it’s a great pleasure to use this talent for God.

Q is for…QWERTY keyboard (?!)

I don’t have one. I have an AZERTY keyboard (French)  and it’s very difficult going back to an English keyboard now!!

R is for…Reading

An enormous pleasure! I don’t read anything too heavy, but I enjoy crime thrillers – not too gory thank you! – and lightish reads. I have a Kindle, but prefer the real thing!

(R is also for restaurants. Where I love going. And for Rita, my first big role, in “Educating Rita”, performed at Stantonbury Campus in about 1988 or 89. R is also for Rend Collective, a favourite Christian band)

S is for …serendipity

My favourite word

(S is also for sheep…and Saint Just en Chevalet, where we live)


A view of St Just

T is for…Theatre

I’ve mentioned how much I love acting, but I love going to the theatre too – not that I’ve been to the theatre since we’ve been in France. I love most things, but I do love a good musical!

U is for …unstable

Which I am a bit – balance-wise, that is! I have fairly small feet for my height, plus dodgy ankles that sometimes seem to give way for no reason whatsoever.

V is for…varifocals

(Yes, OK, so we’re scraping the barrel a bit here!) I wear glasses. They are varifocals!


Here’s me with George-the-Kitten. And my varifocals.

W is for…wine.

‘Nuff said, really!

X is for…xenodochial*

(which is a rather archaic word meaning “hospitable and kindly towards strangers”) I would like to think that we are hospitable. I love cooking for friends and it’s always a pleasure to serve good food. Next week we are having some visitors, a friend of Mr FD’s from Uni – he hasn’t seen him for over 30 years! Being hospitable meant we met Aaron, a friend of a blogging friend, who was a delightful young man.  I need to try to be even more hospitable, I think.

Y is for…youngest

I am the “baby” of the family. My sister is 5 years older than me, and my brother 3 years older.


A picture of me and mum.

Z is for…zentangle inspired art

Another of the things I love doing. Here are just two examples:



 So there you are! Some things you may have already known about me and some you may not have known. I hope you enjoyed reading my A-Z of me. I won’t tag anyone, but if you want to join in, please let me know!

* I found this word on a delightful site which had lots of archaic or obscure words, and their meanings. I particularly liked the fact that there was the word “ucalegon” with the very specific meaning “a neighbour whose house is on fire”. Not just “neighbour”, not “neighbour in trouble”, but “neighbour whose house is on fire”. I would imagine that the number of times one can use this word is very limited!

But this might be one occasion: “Quick! Phone Phil our ucalegon!”

9 thoughts on “The A-Z of me

  1. Hi Alison, what a fab post, I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about you and I think you did a fantastic job of the alphabet x

  2. Oh I love this! It has made me laugh out loud a few times, I am sometimes unbalanced too and it has nothing to do with my feet hehe!! I have the same problem with Lisa, there are tons of us around my age! I loved Milton Keynes, my husband got homesick and we had to come back, we left in 2002! Thank you for taking part and have a lovely holiday xx

  3. Great idea – although I think I may have had enough of A-Zs after the challenge I’ve just finished! I too, used to have an AZERTY keyboard when we lived in France many moons ago now, but I think you probably know that from some of my old blogs before I began Greenpatching. 🙂

  4. This is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew such keyboards alternate to the QWERTY existed as the Japanese students used something different when I was in Bali but OOOOh, so interesting!!!!!
    So nice to see a picture of you too- and the kitttieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So cute. Loving learning about you- will try to do this myself at some point but might break it up into a few posts!!!!

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