You may have noticed two extra pages linked at the top of the page.

There is “Throw off the Bowlines” which isn’t new. that gives some explanation as to how we ended up in France.

And there are the “Dregs from the Other Teapot…” pages. These are selected posts from when I was blogging using Wibsite – my first venture into blogging. This was  a small, friendly community of bloggers, and I stuck with them for quite some time, before moving over to WordPress. I didn’t want to completely lose my old blog, and if you really feel interested you can go here to read more (although you won’t be able to see any of my photos – one of the reasons I left Wibsite)

It has actually been a great pleasure reading back over various posts and remembering things I had forgotten about. I could have easily added lots more posts to “The Dregs” but have just chosen about 10 or 12 in each part. I hope you enjoy reading them, and finding out a bit more about me!


One thought on “Reminiscing…

  1. That’s one of the pleasures of blogs. When I’m old and decrepit and can’t get out any more, mine will give me days to look back on, and pictures that make it come alive again. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so will pop in to the others as and when.

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