I have a little list…

…as I believe somebody-or-other sings in The Mikado.

Actually, that’s a lie – I haven’t got a little list, but I want to blog today, and A List of 10 Things that Make Me Happy seems to be a good thing. So I’m compiling it as I blog…

1. Mr FD.

Well, of course. Sometimes, of course, he doesn’t make me at all happy, particularly if I’m being Mrs Grumpy from Hell, when nothing would make me happy, but, generally he makes me very happy.


how can you resist a smile like that?!

2. My faith

Perhaps that should be N°1, but this list isn’t in any particular order. So I can put it here. The belief that God, the creator of everything, cares for me and loves me is a very Happy Thing. I know that life isn’t always rosy, and there are times when I look at the world today and wonder if God really knows what he’s doing, but in my heart of hearts I do believe that somewhere there is a plan. Even if we can’t figure it out.

3. Cats

Especially our four bundles of mischief.


here are two of them – brother & sister cuddling up!

4. Wine.

It’s good, wine is… I’m not a connoisseur by any means. A 1,99€ bottle of South African white from Lidl is good. A nice rounded robust red is also good. Champagne less so, as unfortunately it seems to give me cramp (although that might just be the effects of dehydration!) I like wine.

5. Going to a Restaurant

It doesn’t matter if it’s a little family run bistro or somewhere a bit posher. There’s something about going out for a meal that I really like – trying new food, perhaps, or just not having to cook it myself. I’m not sure. But I like that we go out quite a lot here.

A local restaurant, owned by a friend.

6. Theatre

Be it musicals, Shakespeare, comedies…Be it acting or watching… I love the theatre. Sadly since being here I’ve not had the occasion to get involved in Am-Dram, but in the UK I loved it. I’m very happy that the Kids Department at the summer school are going to TWO musicals this year. I won’t be missing those!

This is the theatre wherein I  did the majority of my acting, at Stantonbury Campus school in Milton Keynes.

7. Friends

Either in Real Life or through blogging. How special it is to be able to share interests and conversations…either face to face or virtually. And a blogging friendship (with Mags) meant that we met Aaron, a splendid young man who was cycling from Istanbul to Belfast (as you do) Blog swaps and blog hops are also fun.


I love reading – I prefer real books, but the convenience of  the Kindle is good. I enjoy lots of different genres, but nothing too heavy. I don’t think I have a particularly favourite book, but I do return to certain books over and over again. Author-wise, I like Elizabeth George and Peter Robinson for crime novels, Phillipa Gregory for historical stories, Sarah Harrison and Joanne Trolloppe for lighter reads, Tim Moore for humour…But that is nowhere near an exhaustive list!

9. Crafting

If you’ve read the blog for any length of time you’ll know my preferred crafts are card making and Zentangle Inspired Art. I don’t have a lot of whizzy machines to do my embossing or die cutting – just cheap stuff from Noz and whatever bits I can find!


A sheepie ZIA for my Grow Your Blog giveaway. There’s a similar one waiting for me to get it to Michelle at Boulderneigh!


A ZIA card for my friend’s Christian “birthday”


A selection of cards created for Spanish Stray Cats

10. Dancing

I’m not small and compact, I’m not tall and willowy. I’m tall and chunky, but dancing makes me feel willowy and graceful (except when I fall over my feet!)  even if I’m not!  I’ve experimented with liturgical dance, morris dance and ballroom dancing, but I am loving my Line Dancing at the moment. Well, not at the moment exactly, as I have a mysterious pain in one of my feet, but generally. The feeling when I get through a dance without making a mistake is fantastic (very rare, I’m afraid, but fantastic!) and I love the buzz that I get from dancing! It’s brilliant!

Other quick make-me-smile things…


Professor Brian Cox (even though I often have no idea what he’s talking about!)

(with a Brucie-bonus of Doctor Who as well!)

Alan Rickman

the BBC’s Flagship Film Review Programme

Good comedy films & programmes

including (but not exclusively…) “What We Did on Our Holidays”, Father Ted, Big Bang Theory, Black Books, Raised by Wolves, almost anything by Guy Jenkins & Andy Hamilton, The Last Leg, Wallace & Gromit, and many more which I can’t think of at the moment…

Chocolate, in its many forms (except possibly dark chocolate)

Llamas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, goats


So there you are! Things Wot Make Me Smile. What about you? Do any of those float your boat?

3 thoughts on “I have a little list…

  1. This is a great list, I do one on Saturdays to remind me of the week that has past. I am just compiling a list of the A-Z of me and, dancing features. I will tag you in, no pressure, just do it if you fancy. I have struggled ha!

    I know Stantonbury Campus, we used to live in Milton Keynes. It took himself nearly two years to persuade me to move, then three years in, he suddenly got home sick. Small world! xx

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