Photos on or around 27th April


On 25th April 2010 I took a photo of some spring flowers – no idea where! They are rather lovely though. One of the lovely things about this area is the spring flowers that we get – although we do miss out on bluebells.


On 27th April 2011 I took a photo of the singing group I used to go to. They were a lovely group of people & I enjoyed singing with them – but work used to get in the way. I’d arrive home at 7.00 and have to rush out again at 7.30. I ended up not enjoying it for that reason. Now the group has closed down as Gerda, the leader, retired. And instead of singing I now go dancing!!


On 28th April 2012 I went for a walk where I stopped every ten minutes to take a photo. This one was about 20 or 30 minutes into the walk, showing two young calves and their mum. It’s one of my favourite walks – about 1 hour long – taking me through the village, through some woods, along an old railway track, and then home. Very lovely.


On 27th April 2013 I showed off a card that I had made “A faithful friend is a true/real treasure” I think I was playing with a new paper punch – to be honest I never really got the hang of it, and wasted quite a bit of paper trying!! I don’t make so many cards now, having changed my fidelity to Zentangling, but I do like this sweet little bird that I drew. I tend to only make cards when I’m asked for them – unfortunately quite a lot of condolence cards recently!


And on 27th April 2014 I was showing three more cards made for a Blog Swap. These used some card shapes I’d been given as a gift, and were destined for a blogger who made the most delicious-looking cakes and biscuits. These seemed appropriate!

And on April 27th 2015 I didn’t take any photos as my camera is playing up! But I have had a phone lesson today, and the Man from the Insurance came round to inspect our small trickle of water that is flowing through our cellar. He is 99% sure it’s not us, and thinks it is the fault of our next door neighbour. Unfortunately it could mean Big Works to find out, as it’s coming through a rather ancient stone wall. Or it’s coming from the Hotel next door’s kitchen – won’t we be popular if they have to take up the Hotel kitchen floor in the height of the summer season! Bruno (hotel owner) isn’t the most avuncular of people at the best of times: this will put him right off us!

This afternoon I’m planning on trying to sort out the spare room – it’s a complete mess and we have people coming to stay in a few weeks, so it might be an idea to tidy it up now while I have no work, instead of trying to do it nearer the time when I might be busy. I am also going to apply to another Language School for work. Someone from church works there and he says they are often asking him to do more hours, so maybe they would like another teacher! It is in Clermont, which is some distance away, but there’s not much I can do about that! I my also remind the CCI in Roanne that I worked for them in the past and could work for them again!

Just a reminder: if you want more news about my not-very-exciting life there is also Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner. Usually about food, but often other bits of gossip and information sneak into my posts!!


2 thoughts on “Photos on or around 27th April

  1. This is brilliant that you can look back and pin point these photographs. They are all so cute too. What a pain about the leak? Your description of the hotel owner made me laugh! But I hope it gets sorted out soon xx

  2. Thank you for your comment Lisa. I can only pinpoint the date of the photos as that’s when they are labelled as such on my computer!! I suppose I could have taken them on another day & downloaded them on the dates given (perfectly possible) but hush! Don’t tell anyone!

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