40Acts2015: Act N° 25: Serve the Server

Not many inspirational thoughts today, I’m afraid.

People who serve us are everywhere – shop assistants, waiters, baristas, maintenance people – but what happens when we offer something back? This is about turning the tables in a nice way and being generous to those that usually put us first.

First Steps:Treat the person who serves you with dignity and courtesy. Make eye contact. Ask their name. Show genuine gratitude. Smile! Friendly customers can brighten up a day on the job.

Go Further:Strike up a conversation with your local park-keeper, ticket inspector, road sweeper, dinner lady, waiter or lollipop man. Tell them why you appreciate them. Be interested.

Out of your comfort zone: Leave an extravagant tip, tweet an encouragement about great service or write a complimentary letter to their Head Office/line manager. Want to get creative? Use Charlie’s blog as inspiration, and let your server choose your meal for you today.

I like to think I am (mostly!) polite to cashiers/waiters/servers etc. I do, if I receive it, praise exceptional service. I don’t leave tips though, except where service is not included.

I went shopping today, and chatted a little to the PO man, and my friend the pharmacist. I’m going to be working the rest of today though so won’t really have much chance to follow this one through. It’s something that needs to be bourne in mind for the future, I think, rather than a specific challenge for today. People, whoever they are, whatever job they do, should be treated with respect.



One thought on “40Acts2015: Act N° 25: Serve the Server

  1. I hope I am polite and courteous too! I definitely praise good service and always leave tips even if the service wasn’t great! But not extravagant ones ha! X

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