40Acts2015: Acts N°20 & 21

I was out of the house all day yesterday – in Clermont for an opthalmologist appointment and some shopping with a friend. I took a Carrefour voucher with me, expecting to see a baggar, but saw noone. I did keep my eyes open, thinking “Is it this person…or that person…” but I didn’t feel “the Nudge” so it’s still in my bag, waiting for me to be pushed in the back! I did wish I’d had a few more Ninja notes with me – I only had one, which I left in a public toilet! – so I will remember to carry a few with me wherever I go.

The challenge yesterday was:

Stranger Things Could Happen

As children we are always taught to be wary of strangers. But when does that change? Stranger Danger is real, but so are the opportunities that we miss when we block the world out. After all, friends were once strangers and you never know where life may lead after starting up that initial conversation.

I’m super-shy: Try stepping out of your comfort zone and speaking to one new person today. It might be someone new to a forum online, your supermarket cashier, a bus driver, or a colleague you haven’t spoken to before.

Feeling bolder: Make an effort to deepen the relationship you have with people you see every day but don’t really know: shopkeepers, bus drivers, postal staff, office cleaners. Ask their names, share a story or two, and take some time to find out a little bit more about them.

Going all-out: Make an effort to deepen the relationship you have with people you see every day but don’t really know: shopkeepers, bus drivers, postal staff, office cleaners. Ask their names, share a story or two, and take some time to find out a little bit more about them.


Although it would seem there was the perfect opportunity to speak to people in the waiting room at the opthalmologist, I was the first appointment of the day and there was noone else there except me!! I didn’t really speak to strangers during the day, although we did have a conversation with a shop assistant who was keen to practise her English…My friend is an inveterate chatter, so I saw “up close” how it is done! We learned that the shop assistant had lived in Ireland and Bristol for a while, and that she had worked in restaurants.

Other than that, I’m afraid I didn’t do too well with this – though I did chat to the guy in Ikea as well about a new drink he was giving samples of – non-alcoholic but made of hops. It had a coca-cola-ish taste. I didn’t buy any. However, on Tueday I did get a bit more up-close-and-personal than usual with the guy in the Post Office… does that count?!

Today’s challenge is perfect for the UK where silly things will be smiled on and taken with a pinch of salt, as it’s Red Nose Day.  However, here in France, it may not be so easy…

Act 21: Do Be Silly

Easy:Crack a joke. Cheese jokes are our favourite (they’re brie-lliant!). Send it by twitter/facebook/snapchat/email/text or the good old-fashioned telephone, and make a friend smile.

More Challenging:It’s Red Nose Day so go on – buy and wear a red nose. You’ll be donating to a good cause and looking ridiculous all at once! How long can you put up with one?

Feeling inspired? Go all out and either organise a fundraising event or host a last-minute Red Nose party. Invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues to a comedy-themed meal with mandatory red noses.

French sense of humour? I’m not sure I get it always, and as for jokes in another language…forget it! I do have to do a bit of getting-someone-to-crack-a-smile every Friday though, as I teach a young boy. On Friday he is tired after a week at school and the first 10 minutes of the lesson is always a bit pouty and flopping over the table…however if I can get him to smile it is a good start.

Hissing Sid is helping. He is a rubber snake that I have introduced into the lesson to help Valentin remember to add the “s” on the end of the 3rd person singular verbs

I hiss. You hiss. Sid hisses.

Link to a picture of Sid

– I’ve not put the picture in just in case there’s a snake phobic person reading!!!


Sid was so successful last week that I suspect “s” may have been missed out several times on purpose so that he would make an appearance! So I’m hoping that my Challenge today will be to make Valentin crack a smile.

I’ll also add a few jokes to today’s Ninja notes (if I can find some French jokes online that is!!)

But I have to say that doing something all-out silly, looking daft, or whatever just for the sake of it doesn’t float my boat. If I was in the UK I’d be happy to do it for Comic Relief, but I’m afraid I’m bottling out a bit here. Sorry, 40 Acts! This one isn’t really for me!!


One thought on “40Acts2015: Acts N°20 & 21

  1. I absolutely love this again today. Now we are not the sort of parents who have taught our children to be wary of strangers for a number of reasons, so they have grown up to be quite confident striking up conversations with adults and strangers. We just need the chat about making a social effort. I did your BOGOF today,the first chance I have had, in the supermarket and gave some cheese to an older chap, he was delighted. My friend, who I was with, was dumbfounded, I didn’t explain! How appropriate too that it’s Red Nose Day! X

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