40Acts2015: Acts N° 17 and 18

I read yesterday’s prompt before leaving for work, but I didn’t really have any opportunity to put it into action:


(more often used as an imprecation in this household – Oh BOGOFF! – but never mind!)

We love this one! Most people enjoy getting a bargain, but today your challenge is to pass the joy forward. If you spot a BOGOF deal in your local supermarket, snap it up and send it on. Buy one, give one free. Every little helps!

I’m not going out/I’m on a budget:We’ve probably all got things at home we can share. A spare nearly-new toolkit, two copies of the same book … you get the idea. What could you share with someone else today? Snap a photo and post it on social media, letting your friends know they can have it for free.

Bogof: Jaffa Cakes. They’re our personal favourite. Just in case anyone wants to send some our way. Stock up on the deal of the day and share the love with your office, toddler group or wherever you happen to be today.

The Full Whack:Head to your local trusted café or corner shop. Put some cash behind the counter and ask them to give everyone’s order for free until the money runs out.

I wasn’t buying anything being at work all day – although I did pop to ShCarrefour to buy some oven chips and Rins-Aid for the dishwasher on the way home. But I’m afraid I forgot about the challenge! But it’s certainly impinging on my conciousness. We are not exactly rolling in dosh, but at the moment things are looking reasonably rosy, so I can afford a couple of generous gestures. Tomorrow, together with some Ninja notes, I will leave a couple of 5€ notes for people to find “Let me pay for some of your shopping”. I’m also going into Clermont with a friend on Thursday, and I would imagine that we’ll encounter a few people begging. So I will also buy a couple of Carrefour Gift cards so that I can give them to those I see, so they can buy food at Carrefour.

I’ve also (in the spirit of the “green” traffic light) got a Giveaway going on at my other blog, should you wish to join in.


18: Apologise

OneRepublic were wrong. It’s not too late to apologise. Saying sorry is generous because it offers the first step to healing and restoration in our relationships. There’s also an enormous amount of freedom in an apology: both for the person who says ‘sorry’ and the one who hears it.

ONLY ONE TRAFFIC LIGHT TODAY: Apologising isn’t easy, so there are no easier options today. Bite the bullet and say what needs to be said. Choose the most appropriate time and method, and respect the fact that the person may not be able to forgive you straight away. The important thing is to take the first steps to put it rightThis one is between you, the person in question, and God.

No need to share today, unless you particularly want to!

This one needs thinking about… there are some apologies that come to mind that are quite easy – Sorry I haven’t been in touch recently, sorry I missed your birthday, sorry I forgot to do that thing I said I’d do…

But then there are other deeper hurts. At the moment I am not sure what needs to be done or said. But I’m sure that, with this seed planted, God will give me the push I need when I need it.

For now, I will keep the thought that I don’t always need to be right. I don’t need to justify, I don’t need to say “Ah but…” If I have done something wrong, that’s it. Say Sorry.


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