40Acts2015: Act N°16: Off the hook

It’s rather ironic (is that the correct term? I’m never quite sure what “ironic” means…) that I’m blogging about an Act on the day that we’re challenged to stop using technology and to reconnect with people.


The prompt reads:

For all its benefits (and there are a few) technology also has its pitfalls. Our phones can be addictive, and sometimes counter-productive to real face-to-face relationship. Do you need to check Facebook again? Will that view only exist if you Instagram it? You know what we’re about to ask, don’t you? Time to disconnect and reconnect.

But, but, but... If it’s impossible to do this today, make a point of scheduling one Sunday in the next three weeks as a ‘downtime’ day. Let people know you’ll be offline in advance, if you need to. Make plans for face-to-face time, not FaceTime. 

I’m getting withdrawls: Can’t switch off for a whole day? OK, try three hours. No Facebook, no WhatsApp, no phone calls (unless you’re arranging to meet up in person). Be present, fully, for someone else. 

Bring it on! Starting now, switch it off. Enjoy a whole day unplugged and fully focused on the people you’re blessed to be with this weekend. Let us know how you got on tomorrow. 

Well, with Mr FD busy mending his bike, and then off for a cycle ride all afternoon, I won’t be connecting with him whether by phone/internet OR face to face!

To be honest, I don’t think I’m addicted to my phone (if only because I have no idea how it works! As I’ve said before, a Smartphone is only as smart as its owner!!) and I’m certainly not frantically checking Facebook, WhatsApp (what’s that?!), or any other social media every second of the day. However, I must admit that the thought of not reading blogs on the PC makes me a bit edgy. Also, living where we do, it is really by email/text/phone that I stay in touch with my friends and family elsewhere. So  I don’t think having a laptop means I don’t connect with people… although it could mean that I don’t do other things that might be good for me!


SO, taking a slightly different slant on this: today

a) I will not be on my laptop if there is the possibility of chatting (or just being) face to face with Mr FD. So tonight, when we’re watching TV together I won’t be on the laptop too. I will engage with him or the TV (!!) – I won’t try to do half-a-dozen things at once (though I may knit blankets for Spanish Stray Cats – if our French house cats allow me to!)

b) This afternoon I won’t stay in on the PC, blogging, reading blogs, reading Ship of Fools etc. I will go out, and call on a friend to see if she, or her dogs, fancy a walk. It’s a lovely day and it doesn’t deserve to be spent indoors.

c) I will spend some of the time I might have spent blogging, reading blogs, reading Ship of Fools etc, making a card to send to my friend Pat (mentioned yesterday) rather than just pulling out one that I’ve already made. I’ll write her a letter too.

I’m not completely off the hook, but I will be trying to engage face-to-face a little more.


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