40Acts2015: Act N°15: Insert Verse Here (+ Giveaway!)


The Bible is for living. It’s for weaving into conversation, for encouragement, for good times, for hard times. It has something to speak into every situation, and it’s a generous gift to give, so give it to someone that needs it today.

Go Easy: If you can’t think of a particular person to encourage, then share your favourite verse or encouragement on a social network.

Got a little more time? Spend ten minutes praying or thinking about someone you know who is experiencing a tough time. Send them a text or a card with an appropriate verse inside it, and let them know you care.

Get creative:Set aside some time to read the Bible with someone. It can be great to unpack the more difficult ideas and verses alongside another person.

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 (NIV)

When I read the “tease” for this Act yesterday – I can’t quite remember what it said, but it was something about sharing the Bible – I shuddered. I find it really difficult to talk “religious” except in (what I consider to be) the appropriate setting. In a Bible Group, in Church, when preaching, even when someone asks me,even on the blog, but just coming out with it, er – no thanks. Excuse me while I run for the hills…

But actually, this isn’t too bad. I can think of two people I can send cards to, one of whom is dying with cancer. She has decided to stop the treatment, as it was making her feel so awful, and to face what is coming. If you have a mind to, please pray for Pat.


I will also prepare some more Ninja Notes to leave in shopping trolleys today, but this time I will write Bible verses. I sometimes include The Father’s Love Letter (in French) but my printer isn’t playing ball today, so I can’t print them out.

I suppose the reason I am so wary about sharing the Bible is that, despite being a Lay Preacher, despite studying Religious Studies, despite being a Christian for quite a few years, I don’t find the Bible easy to read myself and don’t really know it that well…I have started many different Bible reading schemes and never been terribly successful with any of them. I would say that I will commit to reaing the Bible more myself – but I know it would be a hopeless venture from the start!

RESPONSES from previous Acts:

We had a lovely meal with friends yesterday (Act N°2)

I received a Thank You note from the Mayor for my Thank You note to the Town Council (Act N°6)

As part of Act N°6 I also sent a card to my rector & his wife, saying Thank You. On Saturday she came to me and said that the day it had arrived she’d had a really shitty day and was wondering why she did what she did and how everything was getting on top of her…and my card arrived. And helped a lot. Usually the post would get the card there the following day (it’s not bad, the postal service here…!) but, for some reason – and I think we know why that is, don’t we?! – it was delayed by a day.

My friend cried a bit when I gave her some flowers (Act N°4)

I bought Fair Trade bananas on Wednesday (Act N°5) but that left me in a quandry…The FT bananas were wrapped up in extra packaging which kind of went against my principles following Act N°12. What is better? Buying FT bananas wrapped in extra plastic, or eschewing the prewrapped bananas for loose ones, which are not FT? Opinions please!


I have almost completed the first of several ZIA that will be sent to people unexpectedly (Act N°10)

Yesterday I managed to find something to say to each of my nephews & nieces on FB, and they’ve replied with their own little comments, which has been nice. I don’t see them much, so it was good to have contact. (Act N°14)

And I have a small Giveaway going on over at my other blog, if you are interested…

3 thoughts on “40Acts2015: Act N°15: Insert Verse Here (+ Giveaway!)

  1. Oops, my comment appeared on the wrong one but you have done some really wonderful things here and yes, yes, yes, God’s timing with the late letter.x

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