40Acts 2015: Acts 13 & 14

I managed to read yesterday’s Act before I left for Roanne for a day’s teaching. I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of it, but endeavoured to be open…

Listen to your generous gut

Ever had that moment where you know you’ve got the chance to do something generous, and you just ignore that little voice telling you to do it? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve purposely ignored a homeless person, or missed the chance to share the stuff you have with a friend, we could all do with listening to those quiet prompts sometimes.

Get inspired:Spend five minutes on today’s author’s website. Get inspired by some amazing generosity stories. Perhaps even share a few.

Feeling brave: Think about the last time you ignored your generous gut instinct. Is there any way you could do that thing today? If not then pray and ask God to give you another opportunity. Wherever you are today, watch out for one. Maybe you could buy The Big Issue, say yes where you might have ignored a request, or make a donation to a cause.

Carpe Diem it: Go outside for an hour today, to a place where lots of people are – that might be a supermarket, a coffee shop, a high street. Take some time to listen out for any generous prompts you get. When the opportunity comes, seize it.

Sometimes I get a thought that I “should” do something & ignore it…Sometimes I do it and feel stupid because it doesn’t work how I expected it to. And sometimes it just works – like the time there was someone begging outside Lidl. I asked her what she wanted me to buy (I don’t usually give money, but I’m happy to buy something) and I bought her the few bits she asked for, plus some dog food for her puppy. But it didn’t feel like enough – God reminded me of the new gloves I’d bought on a whim (didn’t need them, really, but I liked them. Warm and cosy for driving in) After much grumbling at God I went back and gave her the gloves. She looked pleased. I grumbled some more at God and then forgot about them. I’d not needed them, but she had.

Today I kept thinking “is that God telling me to…? Nah, it’s just me thinking ridiculous thoughts!” I was really just not listening to my gut, I fear… I trolled round the shopping centre leaving Ninja notes on car windscreens, and sticking Encouraging Post Its in lifts, but didn’t feel that was quite enough. I finally felt led to pay for a couple’s drinks in a café where I’d stopped for a coffee myself – but scarpered before the waiter told them.

I think this is something to store up and ponder over: be more ready to listen to what God is prompting me to do. (or, in the case of the gloves, giving me a Great Big Unwelcome Shove in the Back to do!!)


If the majority of your close friends and acquaintances are the same age as you, chances are you’re missing a trick. We’ve got loads to learn from and give to those in different generations to us. So take a step to close that gap today.

I’ve got 5 minutes: Call your grandma, or your grandson, or your teenage cousin. Make a point of reconnecting with someone of a different generation today. 

I’ve got 15 minutes: Pay someone a visit today. It might be a family member, someone from your church or a former colleague. If you can’t spare the time because of work, what about spending your lunch break with someone new? 

Feeling Inspired? Find out how to become a mentor to a young person or make a commitment to regularly visit a residential care home near you.

Not an Act that makes me feel excited or inspired really – I do mix with a fairly wide age range of people through my teaching commitments – but that’s not to say that I will completely ignore it. But just not today! We have friends coming for dinner (as a direct result of Act N°2!) and I need to clean, tidy and cook this afternoon. (They are older than us – does that count?!)

BUT – I haven’t made that cake that I mentioned last week, to take across to Mi-jo and her aged relative. I will try to remember to do that at the weekend…but regularly visiting a care home? No, it’s not for me – even if I could speak the language better!! And I will go – now – to post on my niece’s and nephew’s FAcebook pages, just to say Hello.

Aargh – I went to Conor’s FB page and didn’t know what to write…How embarrassing! I can’t connect with the younger generation!! But I’ve just gone back & sent them all a shortish (slightly anodine) message. Reconnecting? More like looking like an old fogey!!


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