40Acts2015:Act N°10: Fix up, Look sharp!

Oh dear! This one looks like DIY – and if there’s anything I loathe and avoid more than DIY I don’t know what it is! We moved into this house almost 10 years ago and there are many, many jobs we haven’t done – painted bedrooms, redone the bathroom, mended things…Both Mr FD and I would prefer to do almost anything than DIY. So my heart sank when I started to read:

Part of the fun and joy of generosity is getting hands on. You might think you’re all thumbs, but everyone has something to offer. Pick someone to bless today, and enjoy the freedom to create or fix something that’ll make them smile.

Tack it: Fix something quick and simple for someone today. Change a light bulb, sew on a button, or teach someone a few shortcuts on the computer. 

Nail it: Are there any bigger jobs you can do for someone else today? Could you valet their car? Mow the lawn? Or fix that drawer handle? 

Hammer time: Whether you like to use your hands for DIY, baking, card-craft, cars, writing or painting – make an amazing gift for someone today. 

Ah! Creating too – that’s something I’m happy with. Suddenly my heart lightens. Thank goodness I’m not being asked to climb ladders and weild paintbrushes.

I love creating zentangle inspired art, and recently held a Giveaway on this blog for a Grow Your Blog event. The prize was a piece of ZIA on a subject of your choice. Alex won, and she had chosen  sheep. I did this for her:


(If you want to see it in more detail, just click on the picture)

Lots of other people left a comment with their choice, should they win. My take on today’s Act is not a one-day “fix” – it will take a lot longer than that, but for everyone who left me a comment about what ZIA they would like on my Giveaway post, I will create a piece for them. It may take a while – especially as someone wanted a moose (eep!) and someone else liked the idea of a hare – but I will slowly work through them and draw the designs.

Thank goodness I don’t have to put up wallpaper! That could have been a disaster!

I’m going to be putting the oven on to make my scouse for this evening’s Pot Luck Supper so I may well bake a cake for an acquaintance (the mother of a friend) who lives across the road. She cares for her husband, who has Alzheimers and other chronic problems, and is bed-bound, plus her great-uncle, who, while fairly sprightly, still is getting very old and forgetful. Mi-jo might like a Victoria sponge to go with her coffee.


10 thoughts on “40Acts2015:Act N°10: Fix up, Look sharp!

  1. Love this. Big commitment but you will bless all those people and I hope this will give you extra pleasure in your creativity. Great honesty as you blog..I am enjoying the ‘companionship’ as we both follow the 40acts trail….I havent given up, just had a challenging few days in other respects.

  2. Oh my goodness your sheep is amazing. I started some zentangle but I haven’t done any for ages. Maybe I’ll have a moment when we’re back in France when i haven’t got a paintbrush or lopper in hand! X

  3. This beautiful sheep just arrived here on the West Coast of Canada! I have framed him and put him on prominent display! I absolutely love him!
    (and, sadly, I’ve been behind on my blog reading as spring has been eating up time with house and garden work but on the plus side, Mr. Sheep was a total surprise!)
    I’m loving all the ideas and ways you’re approaching the 40 Acts. I hadn’t heard of this before.

      1. Dormouse dear,

        I have searched for a way to email you, but can’t find one. Will you email me?

        Michelle at Boulderneigh


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