40 Acts 2015: Act N°2: Chinwag

First of all, thank you to everyone who read, commented on Facebook, and started to follow this blog- I hope you continue to find it interesting. And to Sue who was wondering about starting a blog – yes! Go for it! I have found blogging to be a mighty rewarding past time. Let me know your blog and I’ll come over to see you.

So, on to today’s Act. The prompt says: Openness is key to generous living. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, all of us can choose whether we live open or closed. Simple litmus test for you: how well do you know the people you live next door to? When was the last time you spoke to them? Do you know their names? 

The Acts are:

I’m a little shy: Start with a smile and a wave, instead of avoiding eye contact! For bonus points, pop a ‘hello!’ note through their door.

I’m feeling bolder:

Introduce yourself. If you can go beyond small talk, do. Make an extra effort to remember details.


I’m already friends with my neighbours:

Great – so let’s take that friendship to the next level. Make today the day to organise a social; a shared meal, trip to the cinema or even just a healthy walk around the block together.

Well, this is both easy and difficult for me. We actually live between a school (closed for half term) and a hotel. The people opposite are great friends, and we have been meaning to invite them for another meal since Christmas, but just never got round to it. So when I get home after work today I will pop over the road with a bunch of flowers and invite them round sometime soon.

Easy-peasy. Job done! Satisfied smile and sit back.

Here’s our village

In the immortal words of wotsername from Little Britain “Yeah..but…no…”

You see, there is the bloke who runs the Hotel next door. His wife is fine: she’s friendly and chatty if we ever meet. But Him – well, quite frankly, he shouldn’t be in the hospitality business. And since he literally threatened to beat up our friend, and made disparaging comments about “the English coming over here and stealing our jobs” (that’s ironic. Maybe he could join UKIP!) and intimated that we don’t pay our taxes, we have avoided talking to him and going into the Hotel/Restaurant (the food isn’t brilliant anyway!)

So what do I do about it? I have no desire to be his friend, but in the spirit of 40 Acts, I have no desire to be his enemy either. We don’t want to eat in the restaurant (even before the threats and so on we didn’t want to eat there) but I have no desire to see them go under. I can certainly put them into God’s hands through prayer – but that seems like a cop out. Any suggestions? What do you think I should do?


3 thoughts on “40 Acts 2015: Act N°2: Chinwag

  1. I do know all my neighbours in my block of 4 houses- must make sure I pop them something through or say come round for tea (when my house is tidy- the age old problem) x

  2. I agree with Fiona. You can support them in a low-cost but supportive way and you won’t have to interact too much but your support will likely be appreciated. And if you can engage in some friendly small-talk, all the better!

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