Fifth of February, two thousand and…

Feeling uninspired about what to post about, but determined to try to blog every other day at least I have gone to my photo archives to choose one photo from the nearest date to 05.February for each year, and the thoughts/ memories connected with them. Here they are…



This is a photo from a snowy walk around the village. This shows the tower of the church within the ruined chateau walls. This is roughly the same weather as today – I have to go out in it this afternoon, to walk to the local mason’s to pick up the keys for a friends’ house. The masons have been working there, but are now finished and Mr FD asked me to go & collect the keys. I could drive but it’s only a kilometre away, and I do need the exercise, so I’ll bundle myself up and go when I’ve finished this.



This was a mini photo frame that I covered as part of  one of the first blog swaps that I did. I seem to remember it was with Pauline, from Tropical Territory & Travel.I rather got the bug, as now I love taking part in swaps. I’ve just posted my parcel for Mad About Bags’s “Send A Little Love” swap. I’ll post about it later when I know Joy has received the parcel.



I had rather a collection of cards on this date to show. Obviously I’d been very busy crafting and creating! I do still make cards from time to time, but I tend to find that the mess I create, and the time it takes to tidy up, is rather disproportionate to the number of cards I make!! Still, I know that a hand made card is always appreciated.



And here is a photo of where that creating tends to happen – except that desk looks suspiciously tidy! There’s a heck of a lot more junk on it today (including a cat – asleep on my left arm! – several coffee mugs, my paying in slips from this month’s cheques, two baubles – meant to be zentangled for Christmas but as yet unfinished – some chocolates, my savings piggy, which I am filling with 2€ coins for a special ocassion, and a load of other stuff! )



These were the goodies that I received in another swap. I can’t remember who these were from unfortunately, but I loved the gifts. The flower is now on my summer straw hat, the wool made blankets for Spanish Stray Cats, the cat clips are used around the place and the cat badges have been given to people, and adorn one of my winter hats too. The sunflowery scarf is regularly worn.

But I don’t have a photo for 05.02.15 however!


Keith has just commented on the tidiness of my desk. In the interests of transparency I feel I should add a photo for 05.02.15. My desk as it is now:


Not quite as tidy!! And nowhere near as organised as Keith’s looks! I had to move Bib to take the photo- she is most disgruntled!


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