Disgusted from St Just…

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I have been a little incensed by a story on the news today, saying that “pregnant women are more likely to give up smoking with cash incentives”. A study has shown that some pregnant women were offered up to £400 of shopping vouchers to persuade them to give up smoking while pregnant. WHY? There would be a cash incentive if they stopped smoking anyway, as cigarettes cost so much – £7 a packet or so. And where is this money coming from in the first place?! Presumably from tax payers – including those who don’t smoke nor have children.

I am not one of those who think that health care should be denied to those whose illnesses are smoking related (although I sometimes wonder…) but giving shopping vouchers to give up smoking…! If these mothers don’t care enough about their unborn child to stop smoking then why pay them more? AND, only 27% of those given vouchers stopped…so did the others have to pay back the money?? Or were they just given £400 anyway.

I do try to be sympathetic, and liberal in my thinking – after all, Jesus told us not to judge, but this, I’m afraid, did start my blood simmering! (You can read more of the story here. ) The justification is that the money given out is less than the cost of dealing with miscarriages and other medical issues connected with smoking in pregnancy, but even so…

Hey ho. As a non smoking, childless couple, working and paying taxes, we were always going to be supporting the less well off when we lived in the UK (and, here in France) …and generally, I was okay with that, but this initiative just somehow feels wroing. What do you think? Am I being too “disgusted Daily Mail reader from Tunbridge Wells”?!

2 thoughts on “Disgusted from St Just…

  1. I’d bet that fining women that amount instead of giving it to them to shop might be an equally effective incentive. After all, if they continue to smoke, they are endangering the health and welfare of not only their unborn child, but those around them subjected to second-hand smoke! That money could be put in a fund to help pay for the issues of the infants born with ill effects from smoking. THAT I could get behind!

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