Lovely gifts!

Yesterday I told you about my Secret Santa from work, and my Christmas Cracker swop. Now today, I can tell you about the “Send us Christmas” swop organised by Creative Chaos, over in New Zealand.

Here the idea was to cram as much as you could into a 1 litre ice cream type box. I actually bought one (90 cl rather than 1 litre, but never mind!) as all mine were in the freezer with food in them. I was paired with Kelly from Blueberry Heart and she sent me some lovely things. Unfortunately I was too eager to start using them, and I forgot to take a photo of everything together. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything!

Everything was packed, not in a 1 litre box, but a lovely Christmas stocking, which I pinned up on the fireplace. This will now be a part of our Christmas decorations


Inside were several interesting packages, including


a handmade button heart – now on the door handle of the living room



two decorations – a stuffed heart and a Christmas tree (which has spun round so you can’t see it!) which went on the Christmas twigs.  Also there was a decorate-Santa’s-Chocolate-house kit, a pot of sparkly lip balm and a knitted ear warmer, similar to this one:

Somewhat typically, I forgot to take any photos of my box and its contents…I remember there were some chocolate coins, a zentangle, a bag, some bath gel, a bookmark/necklace (whichever one prefers),a couple of straw dollie decorations, a recipe for Mr FD’s Pannetone Pudding…but after that my mind has gone blank, save for a very serendipidous find. I bought it before I had been allocated my partner, just because it was so pretty and light…a printed tin heart hanging decoration – with blueberries on it! How lucky was that?!

If Kerry posts about her box I will put a link on here.

My second Secret Santa was from Ship of Fools. I posted to one person – a couple of notebooks, a secondhand book and a neklace/bookmark (to be used as you want!) – and I received from someone else.

My Santa sent me a set of beautiful handmade notelet/cards in a lovely little wallet and some starry earrings.


I can’t find the earrings at the moment (d’oh!) I think I must have taken them off somewhere other than the bedroom, and put them “in a safe place”. I hope I find them soon – they were lovely!

Our New Year’s Eve was very quiet – dinner eaten, and TV watched and in bed by 11 pm! I saw the New Year in whilst snoring gently, Mr FD saw it in cuddling George the cat in bed. But I wish everyone who reads this a joyful 2015.

I am going to make more effort to blog regularly – hopefully every day – either here or over at Fat Dormouse Getting ThinnerI hope you will join me here or there from time to time.


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