Pause in Advent N°2

Even though it’s the third Sunday in Advent this is only my second post. And it’s not really very profound. I haven’t really been as engaged as I had hoped by the Advent Wonder series, but I suspect that’s my fault, rather than theirs. As I said last week, I’ve not been terribly motivated to pause, as I’ve been rushing around ratrher, feeling pressurised and busy-busy-busy!

But one phrase from the most recent article has caugt my attention. It speaks about the shepherds and their response to the angel song that directed them to hurry to the cave where the new born baby lay:

They surrendered their responsibilities and concerns to run, to see.

Would I have done that? Or would I – as I am today – have found myriad excuses to put that moment of wonder to one side and continued with my everyday life?

Christ came to break through into our everyday lives and to transform the humdrum existence into Life in all its wonder and excitement and danger.

Rend Collective have a song wherein the words “Lord, you’re beautiful but dangerous” are repeated. These words often catch my attention as we don’t think of Jesus as being dangerous. But he is. Because he shakes us out of our easy, comfortable rut and says “Here I am. Will you dare to follow me?”

Will I surrender my responsibilities and concerns to run, to see? Will I allow the Christ Child to break through once more and say “I’m here. For you.” Or will I turn my back and say “Sorry. Too busy.”


4 thoughts on “Pause in Advent N°2

  1. A well written thought is more valuable than a volume of less well written ones. This is a thought provoking pause and a like you I wonder if my response would be that I was too caught up in the moment as well.

  2. Oh please Lord, give me the wisdom to see that no busy-ness is more important than You. I may rush about trying to be Martha, but I need to stop and be like her sister Mary.A great post – thank you xx

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