Pause in Advent – or not?!

Hey ho. How one’s good intentions can disappear!

Pause in Advent Logo

I had planned on being all holy and meditative and reflective this Advent, but something got in the way. I think it’s called life. And possibly, lack of motivation too.

I signed up to the Advent Wonder series, and I am receiving emails from them to help direct my thoughts – a little! – but I feel a bit too rushed to really ponder them in my heart  – which is a phrase I have always loved from the Nativity stories in the Bible.

But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19)

It makes me imagine her, in quiet moments, pausing and wondering “What does it all mean? Why me? Why him? How will it affect our lives?” All through her life, all through Jesus’ life, Mary must have tried making sense of those amazing, strange and possibly scary events around the birth of her son. Fearing what they would mean, afraid of the significance of those gifts (Myrrh? Who gives embalming spices to a baby?!)

And for me work, looking after a convalescing husband, preparing for Christmas (I still need to get stuff to the Post Office…and make more cards…and so on…) it has all got in the way of my pondering.

But, somewhere in the background, behind all the lesson planning, the crackle of wrapping paper, the rush and bustle, I am starting to catch the shimmer of angel wings, the chime of bells, and the words of God to humankind: Peace on Earth. The Emmanuel is coming.


Be still.

God is with us.



3 thoughts on “Pause in Advent – or not?!

  1. Amen – He is indeed with us. In the busy hustle and bustle He is there, and His peace is beyond all understanding. And I for one am very glad you posted this today- it is just what I need to hear. Thank you. Advent blessings xx

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