The Way through the Woods

We live in a beautiful area – surrounded by mountains, hills, forests and fields. I really don’t get out walking often enough. Even though I have problem feet I can still do a little walking, and I’m not really taking advantage of the good weather. But yesterday I went out for a walk in the woods: I had planned to walk the Sentier Pedagogique which I walked a few weeks ago, it takes about 10 minutes to get there in the car. But on the way I stopped on a track and hopped out of the car there. Following the tracks, I made a circular walk of about 40 minutes, with a bit of up-and-down involved. It was so quiet, I could hear the leaves falling from the trees, the distant hunting horn (and, sadly, a couple of shots. I don’t think the sanglier escaped this time.), the chirping of various birds and the buzz of insects. There was even a cricket chirping somewhere as well. There was no wind whatsoever, and the whole world seemed to be holding its breath. I sat for 10 minutes or so on a sun-warmed boulder and just breathed.


I’m in a strangely melancholic humour at the moment, and the stillness suited my mood perfectly.


There were mushrooms galore on the way, but I have no idea what they were. I have had two experiences of collecting loads of mushrooms to be told by Men Wot Know to throw them away, so I no longer bother collecting mushrooms, although some of these did seem quite cèpe-like


But one never can tell…


I think we need to go out with a proper mushroom gatherer. Our friend Paul took us once, but we didn’t find any. Sadly, by then, he was quite ill with the cancer that finally killed him, so we only got the one opportunity to go with him.

The Sentier Pedagogique is a walk through the woods where you can see various trees labelled to know what they are, but there are several other routes around the area. There’s one that takes about an hour, which is the one I followed a few weeks ago. I found these fellas hiding away:

IMG_1943                 IMG_1945

I’m pretty sure that they’re not cèpes!!

That was a lovely walk too – another quiet day, spent walking in the woods, and spending time communing with nature. A good thing to do from time to time.


The way through the Woods


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