I am offering to create a piece of Zentangling as a “lot” in my church’s Silent Auction. So that people can see some of the things I do – and what zentangling is! – I thought I would put together some of the pieces that I have created… These aren’t officially “zentangles” as they are a certain size and are not representative. This is really what is known as “zentangle inspired art”. I think that if you click on a picture you should be able to see it in more detail.

IMG_1908 A sunflower  IMG_1906 An owl

IMG_1841 A dragon (talk about stating the obvious here!)

IMG_1832   IMG_1831                                                  a gecko                                                                 any suggestions..?!

IMG_1830  IMG_1833

a couple of  “free” patterns



The Eiffel tower + fireworks                                                         A musical themed zentangle for Kezzie

So now you know what zentangle inspired art is!


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