Away from home

As I explained on Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner Mr D and I decided to go away for Saturday night, so on Saturday morning we packed a bag and started off in Happy. we had planned to take the train to the top of Puy de Dome, but as the top of the mountain was shrouded in cloud, there seemed little point. Instead we went to Volvic to do a walk that I last did a couple of years ago.

We paused to buy a sandwich and a cake, which we scoffed in the car park/picnic area by the Source de Volvic


Unsure about how well my arthritic knee and troublesome feet would stand up to the planned walk, we changed our minds when we reached the sign board giving information about walks, and decided to follow le Sentier Dr Moriat (whoever he was) It wasn’t too taxing, although by the end, my feet were glad to (metaphorically) see the car.


Here is Mr D following the instruction “stand in that patch of sunlight and look happy”.

We saw a couple of people out mushroom hunting: the weather was ideal, being warm and slightly humid, after a good bout of rain. We did see some mushrooms, but being complete amateurs, we knew not what they were, so left them well alone.


Fat Dormouse standing by a way marker…It was a pleasant walk, but there was no real views as we went round; it was through woodland, up a bit, down a bit, but nothing very spectacular. Still, it got us out… As Mr D walks faster than I do, this was often my view as he strode away from me…


(he did wait for me…sometimes!)

We made our way over to the B&B that we had chosen, pausing for an ice cream and a beer at a little roadside café with a splendid view, and also for a stroll around Ambert



The B&B was very pleasant – although not particularly picturesque, the owners were lovely and the room was clean and attractively furnished. The view was lovely, although in this photo, taken this morning, the cloud was quite low:


There was a ten week old kitten, and a bouncy red setter to add to the charms! I was slightly disappointed by the tables d’hotes – it was perfectly adequate, home cooked food, but nothing particularly special about it: mushroom soup, spaghetti bolognaise and creme brulée. However, there was a French family there also, and we had an enjoyable evening of conversation.


We came home this morning, to a peaceful St Just – although with the sun shining, I suspect that the funfair will start up fairly shortly. We hope for an earlyish shut down…although on Friday night we did find our earplugs were up to the job, and we both went to sleep before the fair closed down. Let’s hope for the same tonight! (And almost as I type, the thump of music starts to signal the opening of the rides. Yay! she says in a small voice)


One thought on “Away from home

  1. How long is the funfair in town? Hope you can get enough peace and quiet…
    Thanks for visiting – we can never get too much pretty stationery, can we?? Have you seen Flow magazine – it’s for paper lovers 🙂 x

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