George the Adventurer


George is a no trouble cat- Millie is a bit of a Diva, who chases Bib; Bib is a bit small-and-bitey – she shows affection by gnawing on the hand that feeds her; Pomme is prone to wolfing her food and then projectile vomiting. George is no trouble…except he has a bit of an adventurous streak in him…


Mr D left a velux open last night – it’s above the stairwell so he thought that no cats could escape that way. He thought wrongly! George obviously heard the call of the wild last night and made the leap from banister to velux and got onto the roof. From there we are not sure what happened, but this morning Mr D heard him crying from the roof of the Collège next door.


He was on the flat roof between the main part of the school and our house. At two-and-a-half stories up we didn’t have a ladder long enough to reach him.(Our house is on the right, the Collège on the left)


We tried holding our ladder from the balcony to the roof, but he wasn’t going to try that, thank you very much! We were unwilling to phone the Sapeurs Pompiers, so I drove down to the Casèrne (The Fire Station) to see if there was anyone there, but no. Being a volunteer force, it is only “scrambled” when there’s an emergency call, which this wasn’t really. When I got back, Mr D was preparing to climb onto the roof to see if he could get down to George that way…but luckily, as I was coming into the house, I caught sight of the big garden parasol, which was propped in the corner. A couple of minutes more and I realised that this was quite a sturdy thing for George to walk along, rather than a ladder.


We leant out of my study window, with Mr D taking most of the weight of the parasol and me leaning on the end to act as a counter balance. George was along it in a flash and in through the window. He had a scrape on his nose and a pair of grubby front paws but other than that seemed unharmed by the experience…


…except he’s a bit tired!


3 thoughts on “George the Adventurer

  1. What an adventure!!! A story to tell his mates!!! When you said Mr D was about to go out on to the roof …phew!!! I held my breath…good job you thought of the parasol!!
    Keep well

    Amanda x

  2. Weird!!! I left a comment on.this before but it is not here!!! Poor cat, and silly too but thankfully all ended well. Bless you, thank you for my amaaaazing zentangle which arrrived today! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank yiu so much for taking the time to make it, I must find a place of honour for it x

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