Another Bank Holiday!

Last Thursday was a Bank Holiday and so is today!

I went a bit mad in the market and bought lots of plants for the balcony and garden…plus a rose in Lidl (4€99). I’ve planted up the pots and planters on the balcont


Here is a photo of the corner of the balcony, take, from my study window. There is an empty planter and an empty pot – except for soil, that is!) because the cats like to sit on those once the sun has warmed it up a little! Other seemingly empty planters have wildflower/grass seeds in, but are protected by pigeon spikes, to stop cats from lying in them! When I can be bothered I’ll take some better photos of my gardening efforts.


I have spent some time finishing another piece of Zentangle Inspired Art – this is either a gift for my sister or for a friend.  I rather like this sunflower:


I do so enjoy zentangling! Once I start a piece I find it difficult to put it down!

Mr D has gone out for a cycle ride and for the rest of the afternoon I am going to go and visit a friend & go out with her and Gucci the dog for a walk, and, when I come back, I’m going to start a “Friendship” cake from a mixture that one of my students gave me. The idea is that one uses this mixture to start off a bowl of cake mix that expands, giving enough for a cake plus 3 jars of mix that you give to friends to start their own “Friendship” cake. Didier also gave me a chunk of the cake itself which is delicious – so I’ll be very happy to make it…

I hope that your Thursday has been a good one, whether or not it’s a bank holiday for you!


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